The Secret Village Under the School

By @Books_and_Secrets
The Secret Village Under the School

A secret village of children with incredible powers.

Chapter 2

I ran all the way home. I asked my foster parents “Hey, do you know anything about my parents?” They were silent. They thought “Should we tell her? Maybe she’s like they were, different?”

Finally, we all sat down. My foster mom said “ Star, dear your parents died in a car crash while you were at your grandma’s house. The police said the car ran off the road into a ditch and that they could never have survived the crash.” I was silent. She went on “ You were only one year old. Your grandma was sick.

The next day she disappeared. We took you in so you had a home. The only thing that they gave you was a bracelet that said Star. The same one you wear now.” I looked at my bracelet it was a normal bracelet like the ones you find at a store. The bracelet is silver with crystal lettering that spelled out Star but the a is upside down.

I went to my room and shut the door. I was looking at the bracelet. I tried to turn the A, it turned rather easy. I turned it all the way around so the a was upright. The a went down and it had a screen popped up from the bracelet. The screen clicked on.

I saw my parents they were in a dark room. My father said “ Hello Star, If you are watching this we are gone but we need to tell you your history and about us. Our family is an old branch of the Magicore which is an old religion. The Magicore is magic. Your mother is a fire magician and I am a water magician. You have a power we are not sure what it is but you have one. Find the secret village and stay there and train. If we are still alive we will come find you. Bye Star and be safe.” The screen when dark.

I cried I wanted to see them alive for so long but not like this. I wanted to stay here but I will train at the secret village. I went to sleep, crying.

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