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The Runaway

By @krysteen22

She believed in me in a way no one else ever has and no one else ever will, and I betrayed her. The worst part she doesn’t even know. She still thinks that he is still alive, and I’m the one that killed him shot him right there and she doesn’t even know what I have done; I killed him, He was her boyfriend and my best friend and I killed him. Why Would I kill him? Oh yeah because I was worried about some dumb little secret that he might have told. If I tell her she will never forgive me, but if I don’t I won’t forgive myself.

A week has went by and she was asking questions. I didn’t know what to say or what to do but sit there quietly and think… I killed him. Killed. Why. The worst mistake of my life. She will never forgive me. Will anyone find out. What am I going to do. Will she find out. I need to tell her. Don’t tell her. Tell her. Why. Run. A big mistake.

Weeks went by now no one knew where he was. I did. Searches went on but they will never find him. No one will. I thought maybe I should run away and never return. No. I could never do that. Never. Maybe. Yes… I’ll be gone by tomorrow night I’ll pack and go and no one will know where I am. It’s the worst thing I could do but It must happen or someone will find out, she will find out. I have no clue where I am going but I am going tonight.

I know where I’m doing; I going to him; I’m going to unbury him; I’ll tell her the secret; I’m going to run away, But I’m going to tell her where he is. Only she will know no one else. I’m sure she will tell or come after me. But I don’t care everyone can know. But I know she is fast. So I must be fast. I hope by the time she tells anyone I’ll be gone. No one will find me. No one will know where I’ll be. I’ll just be gone. I’ll be alone with no one but the guilt of him in my mind for the rest of my life.

I was on my way through the dark woods. The woods where I killed him. The woods that I come to escape the pain that I have caused for everyone. I know where I was going I was going to a spot where I used to escape the pain as a little kid. I’ve only told one person about this spot but he is dead and in my mind forever.

Weeks went by since my escape. I hear no one until today. I knew her. She was my best friend but how did she find me I never told anyone about this spot It was my spot. No one was supposed to know about this spot. I wonder who told her I wonder if she’s looking for me. What will she do if she finds me, what will I do… As she came closer to the spot I moved back trying not to make a sound until I tripped over a stick and fell and she saw who I was. She saw the killer. The liar. All I saw was fear, not fear of her, fear of what she would say, fear of what she would do. All I knew was that I couldn’t move and won’t move. She was walking toward me and all I did was sit there with the look of fear. No one else was in these woods but me and her.

I asked her what she was doing and how she found me. She said that he told her. The thought of him put me in more pain than ever. It did the same to her. I saw it in her face. I told her she needed to leave and she said no. why would she say no I didn’t want to hurt her. Wasn’t she afraid of me. Afraid of what I might do. She said she knew what he did. She saw. How did she see it was just us. But she saw him lean in for the kiss. The kiss that started it all. The nightmare. She told me it wasn’t my fault. She said she was going to handle it. But I did instead. I handled it in a way no one should over a secret that I didn’t want to tell her. He wanted to tell her But I couldn’t let that happen. It’s too late now. He was gone and she knew. it is all my fault. I caused the pain for everyone. No one will forgive me.

I told her she needed to leave but she said she was going to stay with me She said she couldn’t go back because she told everyone that she killed him to… Why would she take the blame for something I did. I could have been in the dark forest where no one will find me but now it’s just me and her in the forest together. We can’t go back but we have to find our next stop a place where we can live with people without them knowing what we have done. We were going to run away from It all. All the pain, all the drama, Society itself, Everything. It will just be us. Best friends. No one else but us. No one will find us. We will be like a pack of wolves protection one another in the night. We will be gone. No one can find us and no one ever will.

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