The Royal Escape: A Short Story

By @DasiaT

The Royal Escape: A Short Story

By @DasiaT

When falsely accused of killing her mother, a timid princess must figure out a way to overcome challenges and gain back the right to the throne from a family traitor.

Chapter 1

The Royal Escape


Golden roses covered the walls, diamond, crystaled chandeliers hanged from the ceilings, and the presence of gold was expressed throughout the inside of the kingdom. The royal people of Egypt were gathered around in the golden palace for the annual celebration of the queen, Queen Arian. She is known as the noble, selfless queen; a leader who puts others before herself and whom is poised in her authoritative ways. This year, she decided to dress in all white. Her dress was laced from head to toe with a deep v-neck and a train that could go on for numerous days. If a person were to glance at her, they would perceive her to be the epitome of royalty, beauty, and purity. She was a replica of all things good in the world. Queen Arian led the people of Egypt with such grace and humility that the people never wished for her reign to end. “Long live the Noble Queen” they said with high hopes and the right of amount of certainty to make these words become true. And for a long time, those words held their meaning until in one moment in time, they didn’t. For when the queen’s dress was turned into red, painted by a silver bullet, the people of Egypt were not so certain of their words anymore. Their high beliefs in those words were fading just as the queen of Egypt was dying.

“Mother, mother?!” the eldest princess, Princess Arian screamed with much anguish. She rushed to her mother as soon as she heard the gunshots fired by the anonymous intruder. She was shocked to see her mother on the ground fighting for her life.

“Isis, dear… I’m, I’m ok” her mom assured her with a weary smile.

Isis frantically shook her head, quickly taking a nearby tablecloth to wrap it around her mom’s wound with great pressure. As she did this, an audience formed around her with frantic gasps and fear written across their faces. One moment they were celebrating the life and works of the their queen and then the next, they were praying for the stability of their queen’s life. As everyone were gathered around Isis, awaiting the fate of their queen, the youngest princess of Egypt pulled the royal guards aside.

“How did this take place? Was the doors not secured enough? Were you guys too enlightened by the party?” Skylar Arian demanded. She was sixteen but above maturity for her her age.

“We believe it was an inside job, your highness. Looks like we have a trader among us.” the guards informed.

With this information, the youngest princess hurried to the crowd to observe each and everyone’s body language. She was trying to see if the shooter was still present. When she got through to the crowd, she heard a loud, anguish cry. It was from her sister, Isis. And soon after, the palace was filled with cries and despaired shouts. Skylar rushed to her sister, dropped to knees, and cried with her. The palace would no longer be the same, for their noble Queen was no longer living.

A week had past by and the kingdom were lost without their Queen. They could not believe that someone had a motive to kill the queen and that it was someone among them. Princess Arian took the death the hardest. She was very close to her mother and viewed her mom as her strength. She remembered the days where her mom would come into her bedroom at night to brush her wild curls and read to her. Now, at twenty-one, Isis would love nothing more than to relive that memory,but she had to deal with the fact that she’ll never feel the touch of her mother. Isis cried again in her large, secured bedroom guarded by three guards.

“Let me through, let me through! Do you not know who I am? I am Astarte Haik, the best friend of Princess Arian and I demand that you let me see her.” When Isis heard the words of her best friend, she rushed to the door to talk to the guards.

“It’s ok my guards. She is always welcomed to visit me in my room” Isis said with an assuring smile.

With that, the guards let Astarte through, but still remained guarded in their positions with the door remained open.

“Isis, my friend, you mustn’t let the death of your mother to bound you inside these four walls” Astarte said with great concern.

“But I hold no reason to move. Not when the one that carried me so long has died and gone. I can’t find it in myself to move when my inspiration has died” Isis stated with sadness embedded into every word.

“ Well you must. After the death of the queen, you are next in line, you are the only hope for the people of the kingdom. If you don’t lead, then the throne goes to one of your crazy aunts” Astarte pleaded.

Isis pondered on this and realized that Astarte was right. She had to find some kind of strength and put on a brave face for the people and most of all, her little sister. She hurried up and got herself together with the help of Astarte. Together, they dressed her in a long, royal gold dress. She was ready to claim her throne.

As they made their way to the congregation to inform the people that Isis will be the next queen, they noticed the anger and disbelief written upon the people’s faces. Isis felt as though the taunting faces were aimed at her. She felt at unease and her poised posture began to form into a slump. Astarte pulled Isis’s shoulders back and assured her that these people were angry at the death of the queen and not at her. They continued to walk where all the all the ill-tempered people stood and they finally reached the tall, wide podium which is known for holding the word history of all of the greatest speeches ever made in Egypt. Isis stood with great fear as she looked at the kingdom people, they looked as if they were judging her and already dismissive of what she had to say. She cleared her throat multiple times, looking for the words to say. She stuttered upon her hello and was about to turn away, but she then remember her mother’s words. “We are a strong family, my Isis. Whenever you are at unease or paralyzed with fear, look to your family, for they are the source of your strength.” With those words in mind, she looked in the crowd to find familiarity and she finally saw what she was looking for, Skylar and Astarte encouraginging her with thumbs up and wide smiles.

“I am Princess Arian and I am here to announce that although the queen’s death was devastating, the future of this kingdom will not die along with her. I am Princess Arian and will be soon the queen of Egypt, following in the footsteps of my noble mother. I cannot guarantee that I may be just like her, an exact replica, but I do promise that I will do all that I can do to honor my mother’s reign and become what she always instilled within me.” Isis spoke with such confidence and certainty.

When she was done with her speech, she didn’t know what to expect, but she did not expect the blank stares that stared straight into soul. She was prepared to say something else, anything to confirm that what she said was true but before she could say open her mouth, she heard something she always feared.

“You’re not fit to be a queen, you’re too weak.” One said.

“I agree, how can you guide us when you’re not even sure of yourself?” Another said.

Saddened by these words, Isis began to drop her head with tears threatening to fall. The kingdom was in a big commotion, with some defending her behalf and many tearing her down with their harsh words and opinions. One person was able to silence this uproar and it was one of her family members. One who she had not seen in years, her deranged aunt. She shouted the words that no one expected to hear, “She’s a murder!” she yelled. Everyone stilled, the guards preparing to put an end to it but it was too late. With the congregation paralyzed with shock, she rushed to the podium, tainting the the podium with false words.

“She killed her mother, she planned all of this. She wanted this all along. She’s been kept in her room so long because of the guilt that consumed her” she falsely claimed.

Skylar and Astarte rushed to podium and denied all of this, declaring that this lady be exiled. Isis could not speak, words were not appearing in her mind for her to speak. As she heard Skylar and Astarte denying the words of her crazy aunt, she knew it was a lost cause. Some people had the look of disbelief and some were fully convinced that she was the mastermind behind her mother’s death. The guards finally stepped in to end this madness, what they did next would shock the kingdom. They took Isis arms, put them behind her back, and announced that Isis will be executed for her crimes. Some cheered and some cried. Skylar and Astarte pleaded to let her go, that she was innocent but the guards dismissed their words. They gained the look of those in mourning and the old, grey haired aunt gained the look of triumph.

Days later, after the long awaited trial, the youngest princess was forced to announce that Isis Arian was to be sentenced to an asylum in America for her violent crimes and the twisted mind that she held when committing these crimes. She was to be executed, but Skylar convinced the judge that she had history of mental illness. The judge was a close family friend, so she went along with this notion. It finally came to the day where Isis would leave the kingdom. The one who gained the throne was the crazy aunt and Isis questioned her aunt’s role in the murder of her mother but she was too scared to voice her thoughts. She let her aunt win this time, knowing that her time in asylum would be short; she would break free to claim her right to the throne.

Arriving in America felt like a whole new world for Isis. She felt uncomfortable with all the stares that were aimed at her. She tried her best to blend in, wearing a t-shirt and uncomfortable denim jeans that looked torn but she guess she had failed. Astarte walked along with her, being her assigned bodyguard. Isis asked why are people staring in Astarte answered “because they think you’re beautiful. You, thankfully, gained the looks of your mother”. They continued walking along the path towards the asylum. They knew that they could not escape this sentence for they believed the kingdom had sent spies to ensure that Isis served her time.

“I am prin- I am Isis Arian, here to check myself into the asylum.” Isis almost gave away her identity but with the nudge of Astarte, she recalled where she was.

The secretary knew who she was already for the asylum informed the people of the princess’s arrival and her situation. The head of the asylum was informed of the situation by a person named Skylar Arian. She told them everything, not leaving out any details and told them to make Isis’s stay as comfortable as possible or she would shut down the business with no hesitation. With this in mind, the secretary placed Isis in one of the most comfortable rooms and placed the assigned bodyguard in the room next to Isis’s room. Isis thanked her for her generosity and headed down to her room.

Walking in the halls of large ceilinged, grey painted, eery building, Isis began to become anxious. She heard loud screams and wicked laughter, she saw people running with their hands tied or people chained to a chair. Astarte assured that it would be fine and that this was only temporary. For the first time in her life, Isis doubted Astarte’s words.

It was the next day, and Isis had met some interesting people. She met a boy named Nicholas Parker who was in love with a girl who only existed in his mind, a girl named Charlotte Wilkes who was certain she could see the future, and a boy named Aiden Parker who seemed normal with his opinion on politics and the world but tarnished this image when he began to twitch and whisper the most random of things. This trio was odd and Astarte told Isis to stay away from them, but Isis was already hooked, she was intrigued.

They all gathered at lunch refusing to eat the disgusting, grey looking food that the asylum provided for them.

“So, what’s your story?” Aiden asked playing with the multiple rings on his finger.

“I am prin-” Isis stopped when Astarte glared at her.

“Don’t worry princess. We all know who you are The entire hospital does.” Aiden said with a wicked grin.

“Then why did you ask? You Americans are always playing games when no one wishes to play.” Astarte said with a look that could kill.

“Don’t mind her, she was awoken at six in the morning. She is a tad irritable because she is not used to waking at that hour” Isis said with a friendly laugh.

She then told them that she was in fact Princess Isis Arian, soon to be queen of Egypt. Charlotte laughed and muttered, if that’s what you think. Isis asked her what did she mean by that and Charlotte stated that she did not see a kingdom in Isis’s near future. Nicholas, softly told them to ignore Charlotte. She predicted many times of his death but never was right. Isis decided to trust what he said and ignored the fate given to her by Charlotte. Isis was just glad to have people who cared for her other than Skylar and Astarte. In a weird way, she felt most accepted in this asylum then she did inside the kingdom.

Three weeks had passed by and Isis had grown wearisome. She was afraid that she’ll never come up with the right plan to escape this asylum. Astarte and her had brainstormed multiple ideas but never one that they both agreed on. Isis always begged Astarte for The Trio to help them, but Astarte refused, not wanting the help of crazed, weird commoners. But one day, Astarte had a sudden change of mind.

She entered Isis room with furious eyes.

“They know who did it” Astarte said, pacing around the room to calm her nerves.

“What? What are you going on about now Astarte? Settle down, please” Isis pleaded, lying on her bed. She grew tired of everything and just wanted to disappear in this world.

“Your mother, they know who killed your mother. Skylar was discovering and collecting the evidence all this time.” she informed.

“Who was it?!” Isis cried out, sitting up straight, ready to take in the news.

“It was your other aunt, Aunt Imann” Astarte stated.

Isis could not believe what she was hearing. This was supposed to be her sane aunt. The one who had her moments but was always loyal to her mother and the family. She was the twin of the deranged aunt, always living in her shadows. When Isis’s mother banished the crazy aunt from the kingdom, she had no choice but to banish Aunt Imann along with her. It was a sad day for everyone when it was announced that the quiet, kind sister of the queen was exiled from the kingdom. Isis was only ten years old when this occurred but she remembers the angry shouts from the crazy aunt and the soft cries from her Aunt Imann.

Isis abruptly stood to her feet and rushed to exit her room that seemed to get smaller and smaller as time went by. Astarte asked where Isis was going. Isis words were incoherent, the only thing Astarte picked up on was “The Trio”. They both rushed to the trio’s hangout spot, an abandoned kitchen that had bugs crawling all over the walls and floors. It made Astarte shiver, she hated it but it was the only place of privacy in this asylum. Isis informed her friends of everything that just occured in her life from her mother’s death to her aunt’s betrayal. She told her story with no hesitation. When she finished, she saw the trio smiling at each other as if they knew something she didn’t. She stopped talking when Nicholas began to laugh, a rare occurrence.

“Are you seriously about to ask if us three, delusional people, can help you escape a greatly secured asylum?” he asked with laughter.

Isis stuttered upon her answer, not knowing what to say. She opened her mouth to say forget about it but then flashbacks of her mother dying in her arms came rushing to her mind. She looked him square in the eyes and said with no hesitation, “Yes”. It was silent for a moment until her new three friends cheered loudly. She even heard Charlotte say “Finally, you realized.” Astarte and Isis just looked at each other with confusion, Astarte whispering that Isis should have never trusted crazy people. No longer being able to take being outside the knowing, Astarte ordered them to shut up and tell them what was going on.

It wasn’t until Nicholas started talking that things finally began to make sense. At first he said “All you had to do was ask”. When Astarte and Isis still looked lost, he explained further. After he explained his words, Isis and Astarte looked at each other and laughed.

When Skylar informed the asylum of their presence and situation, she told them that if Isis ever felt overwhelmed or too scared; if she asks to leave, then let her go. She told them that Isis would never know of this information, so she might stay in this asylum for days, months, or years, but no matter the time, if Isis wants to leave then she may have the ability to do so as long as she says it from her mouth to the authorities. When Skylar made this verbal agreement with the hospital, the two parties were both unaware of the silent, young man walking in the lobby, searching for his nonexistent girlfriend. With the new information from Nicholas, Isis and Astarte both thanked him and went on to get Isis out of the gloomy asylum. As they exited the kitchen, the trio bidded them good lucks with Aiden saying “bring me back some expensive, gold rings.”

Alerting the authorities that Isis wanted to leave was the easy part, sitting on a plane back to Egypt and coming up with a plan to take the throne back was the hard part. They finally arrived on the soils of Egypt and what they saw devastated them both. The kingdom was empty of a quarter of its gold, people looked starved and dirty, and worst of all, her crazy aunt was seated on the throne, doing absolutely nothing as this chaos took place. She wore a long, gourmet black dress that was decorated with all things gold and her untamed grey hair was structured in a large, grey bun. She screamed wickedness. Isis approached her but the guards guarded the new queen with shields.

“Oh, how nice it is to see your presence. Don’t you love what I did with the place?” The crazed aunt said with a mocking tone.

“Where is she?” Isis demanded.

“Looks like the timid princess gained a back bone in the crazy hospital, how wonderful. But I’m not sure of who you speak of, my dear” She said with a knowing grin.

“Aunt Imann. Tell me where she is now or I might not be so generous with your punishment for the crimes that you have done” Isis said.

Before the crazy aunt could answer, Aunt Imann appeared. She looked worse than what the crazy aunt ever appeared to be. This surprised Isis because Aunt Imann always looked so put together, mirroring what Isis’s mother used to look like. Now her once golden skin looked faded and her hair was no longer beautiful, bouncy curls, they were tangled and raggedy. Isis finally found the courage to ask how could she do this to the kingdom, to her. Aunt Imann spoke quietly but there was still power held behind her words. She informed Isis of her plan that took years to develop. She stated that the guards present in the kingdom worked for her all along. She strategically chose them five years ago knowing that they were everything that the beloved Queen Arian was looking for in royal guards. Queen Arian knew that they were always loyal, she just never figured out who their loyalty had lied with. When asked why did she kill the queen that night, a ball that was meant to celebrate the life of the queen, Aunt Imann answered that she wanted to make it grand. Aunt Imaan held no hesitation when answering these questions as if she was proud of her work. Aunt Imaan never worked with her twin to create this plan, but she had called her up telling her that her dreams to become queen would finally become true. She told her to frame Isis because Isis was an easy, believable target who would not be able to defend herself. This angered Isis because what she said was true and she hated that.

“Isis,you see, I killed your mother because she killed all of the hopes and dreams that I ever held. And you, my sweet, naive niece made it just as easy. You could have fought harder, pushed the guards away or denied the false claims from your own lips. Instead, you had your more of a woman sister and strangely, large bodyguard of a friend defend you like always. To be great in this world, you must learn how to take charge, be authoritative and I learned that the hard way. I’m not the bad guy, I’m the woman who was screwed over one too many times and now is taking what is mine” Aunt Imann said with a voice that would give people nightmares.

Isis would have been scared and backed down but the anger that she had washed away the fear. When Aunt Imann turned away, thinking that she won, Isis let out a battle cry catching the attention of the entire kingdom. Skylar and Astarte knew what this meant, it was time to fight as a family. They rushed to the sides of Isis, but the guards pushed them away. Skylar punched one of the guards, making blood drip from his lip. Astarte swiftly kicked the other guard’s leg down, making him fall with great impact. The kingdom people made way for the fierce women, some staying to see the grand fight and some leaving to protect their own lives and family. Finally reaching Isis at the throne, Astarte and Skylar informed the two aunts that this fight doesn’t have to take place. They could surrender the throne to Isis and leave now and never come back because they were family and family do not harm each other. The crazy aunt took one of the swords from the guard and attacked Astarte with it.

“You are not family and you never will be” she said with fire in her eyes.

They all went back to fighting positions and began to fight. The two guards tried their best to defend their royals but Astarte took the sword from the crazy aunt and stabbed the two guards both in the stomach. Both of them dead at the scene with looks of horror forever being in their dead eyes.It was only family fighting now, the palace empty of the kingdom people.

Isis never fought a day in her life but today, she gained the strength to fight the best that she could. She pushed Aunt Imaan with great force causing her to fall down. She got on top of her and continued to slap her non-stop with all her might. Skylar looked over at Isis as she momentarily stopped helping Astarte fighting the deranged aunt. Skylar let out a small laughter and went over to help her older sister. Se gently pushed Isis out the way and then with as much strength as she could, punched Aunt Imann square in the face, knocking her out cold.

“I had it, you know” Isis said, out of breath.

“I know you did. I just made it happen faster.” Said Skylar with a smile.

“A little help over here would be greatly appreciated” shouted Astarte as she was left to fight the deranged aunt by herself.

They both rushed to help her and the aunt let out a weird howl and then let out an evil laugh. She kicked Skylar down and punched Astarte in the stomach, leaving only Isis standing. She told Isis that she had been waiting to fight her, the girl that stole her right to the throne the minute she was born. She continued to speak mindless chatter until Isis saw in the corner of her eye Skylar holding up the sharp sword for her to take. She slowly made her way to Skylar, backing up with small steps with her aunt following her every move. She finally reached her sister, taking the sword, holding it behind her back. Her aunt continued to talk about how Isis ruined her life until Isis had enough, “You talk too much” Isis said while stabbing the aunt in the leg causing the aunt to scream and collapse on the ground. With both of the aunts on the floors unconscious, Isis, Skylar, and Astarte looked at each other with proud faces, for they knew that they had saved the kingdom.

Days later, both of the aunts were executed for their crimes and the kingdom was preparing a ceremony for the new queen of Egypt, Queen Isis Arian. On the day of the ceremony, the decorations were similar to the annual Queen’s ball, the day of the Noble Queen’s death. Isis ordered this to happen because she wanted to feel the presence of her mother. She even ordered for the tailors to make her the same design dress as the white dress her mother wore, but to make the dress gold. She found her way to the podium and this time, the kingdom people looked as though they were pleased with her presence, giving her wide, inviting smiles. She looked at the crowd and saw Skylar and Astarte. She was shocked when she say the Trio with gleeful expressions on their face. She looked back a Astarte and smiled, knowing that this was her her doing. Not only was her family there to encourage her, now she had friends there to support her.

After giving her acceptance speech and assuring the kingdom that their future will forever be bright and stating that they have entered their golden days, Isis paused and said these words: “I am Queen Isis Arian, the daughter of Queen Delilah Arian and I promise that I will forever do her kingdom justice”

“The Queen lives on!” one person cheered.

“Long live the Queen” Said another.

These words would stay true for hundreds of years, for the life of Queen Delilah Arian passed on to her children, her children’s children, and all of the next generations to come.



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