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The Resistance


The Choice : Chapter 1 pop

The young fawn cautiously crept out of the darkening forest, slowly walking into the small clearing. It scanned the trees for any sign of danger, and then bent it’s head low to eat the grass on the forest floor.

Ariana raised her bow, and pulled back on the arrow she had set on the string moments before. She aimed and released it, hitting the deer in it’s chest. The fawn collapsed, and Ariana quickly walked over and kneeled next to the bleeding deer.

She pulled out her knife and stopped the animal’s suffering. She heaved the animal over her shoulder and walked back through the shadowy woods.

Ariana guessed it was almost nine o’clock. She knew her brother would be stern with her for staying out this late. But what other choice did she have? Derrick, her brother, was only 17, two years older then she was. But he already had several jobs, but although he worked as hard as he could, he got paid just enough money for their tax.

Ever since the Knights of the Heavens had ‘peacefully’ captured their small trading country, the tax rates had tripled and the government had been replaced by some of the cruel leaders of the Knights. People were so afraid of them, that they would only gossip about them in there own homes, or behind closed doors. Ariana had heard some of the talk. People said that they had done the same thing to other small countries also, and if they resisted, the Knights would capture the woman and children as slaves, kill the men, and would leave what was left of the country desolated.

Six months ago the Knights had come to their small country, offering to help it economically if they just surrendered to them. The government, seeing the large army, readily agreed to their offer. The people who resisted were either killed or went into hiding.

There was a sad sort of misty feeling that had come over there city ever since the Knights had taken it over.

Ariana had reached the edge of the woods, and saw the small cabin in which she and her brother had lived ever since their parents died.

When she opened the wooden door and walked in, heaved the deer down on the floor.

“Ariana, where were you? I’ve been worried.”

Ariana turned to see her brother standing in front of the fire place.

“How was work today?” She tried to avoid his questions. “I found a deer when I was hunting, maybe we can eat-“

“Ariana, I’ve told you so many times not to be in the forests past six. This is the third time this week. You need to obey me. There are many dangerous animals and people in the woods at night.”

Ariana looked down. She knew her brother loved her dearly, more than life, but he got a bit over protective sometimes.

“I’m sorry Derrick, I just . . . we didn’t have any food left, and we needed something for tomorrow.”

Derrick sighed, walked towards her, and gave his sister a long hug.

“I know I over react sometimes, but I couldn’t bare to have you to taken from me.”

“I really am sorry, I won’t do that again.”

Derrick looked down at the deer.

“Well, I’d better skin the deer now.”

Ariana smiled up at her brother.

“We can do it together.”

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