The regular School life of Luke Salazar

By @SerenadedLotus
The regular School life of Luke Salazar

Join Luke through his life at school where he faces unexpected scenarios because of a certain newly transfer student This is my very first work... I just hope you guys enjoy this.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Section 4 Gr.8 Lotus

My name is Luke Salazar. I’m 14 years old. I’m a quiet person, my hobbies are reading, playing musical instruments such as the guitar, and occasionally I play basketball with my classmates, my motto is “just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I’m a loner.” It has been a week since I started my second year in high school, today is no special day well apart from the reason that our class is getting a new student, I didn’t expect much this year I thought it was just going to be a regular boring school year just like last year, then our teacher came in and said something, I didn’t really bother listening to what she said the only thing I heard was:

“Please come in and introduce yourself to the class.”

“Hello. My name is Dianne Luna I’m turning 14 this year, my hobbies are singing, watching movies and I’m not very good at sports, my motto in life is “Someday your whole life will flash before your eyes make sure it’s worth watching.” I’m looking forward to be friends with you all.”

She has a pretty face and with her personality she may become well known throughout the entire school and I don’t want to be acquainted to her…..or so I thought when I remembered there is an empty seat next to mine, and as she sat next to me I just planned to ignore her.

“Hi, I’m Dianne Luna but you can call me Dianne” she said to me.

I nodded and continued to ignore by looking out the window I thought our conversation is over if you can say that it even was a conversation with one person talking but she didn’t stop and asked me.

“What about you, what’s your name?”

Are you serious this is the first time a person asked me what my name was after doing something like, ignoring them.

“Luke…..Luke Salazar”

After I said my name I returned to looking at the window to avoid her I know I’m looking like a d**k here but I really don’t want to be friends or even acquaintance with her cause some guys in my class looks like she is their type and I don’t want to be bothered about it.

“Hey help me get close to her since she’s your seat mate” Like that.

Just when I thought that our conversation has ended. I turned around and look at what she was doing as if I care I heard her saying my name and turned to me.

“Luke Salazar? Hmm mm… should I call you Luke?”

I was kind of expecting this since she looks like a friendly person so I replied.

“Whatever suits you”

“OK, Luke” she says with a smile.

I was a bit surprised by that but I didn’t bother, 2 hours had past and it’s finally recess my friends said they’re

going to the cafeteria and was inviting me to come.

“You guys go first I’ll catch up”

“Finally I can rest for a while” I said to myself

Since I didn’t had enough sleep because I was busy last night playing a video game, as I finally get into taking a nap I felt a tap at my back and as I turn to see who it was, its Dianne looking concerned.

“Are you OK? Are you not feeling well?”

“I’m fine I just felt a little tired since I didn’t have enough sleep last night, by the way I thought you were with your friends?”

“I was, but I saw you on your chair with your head down so I got worried and besides, you’re my friend.” While touching me on the cheek

At that instant I was shocked and I felt blood flowing through my face and I thought to myself am I blushing and if I were why the f***k am I blushing?


“Huh? Are you OK you’re so red are coming down with a fever?”

GOD! She’s not listening I better leave now or this will turn from bad to worst.

“I remembered something I said to my friends that I’ll catch up to them, well see ya!”

Whew! That was weird that was the first time that happened to me I hope I don’t get into more conversations with her but I guess that is impossible, next time I’ll just expect the unexpected.

40 min have passed recess was over and me and my friends are going back to class when something unexpected happened I mean really how the hell did this s**t happened to me.

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