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The Person I Have Become

By @Krystalyn_Fountain


When you think of a hero,what do you think of? One those brave people with superpower, right? Right. I bet that you think that the kids that tag along with the big heroes are just sidekicks, just kids that are there to help with the civilians. That’s what I thought, too. That is, until I became a sidekick myself. It never came to me that sidekicks really could be the heroes.

My name is Kathren Allen, adopted daughter of Henry Allen, adopted sister of Barry Allen. Yet Barry doesn’t know. Nor did I for most of my life, which isn’t very long cause I’m fifteen, but that’s beside the point. You see, we never actually met until the particle accelerator explosion caused all this havoc on Central City. I don’t think we would have met if it hadn’t been for Zoom kidnapping me because of my metahuman abilities. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I’m a metahuman, a.k.a., a person affected by the particle accelerator.

My metahuman abilities are, well, they’re hard to define. You see, I have two main abilities, one is what I call shadow travel, it’s pretty simple to grasp. I can use shadows to travel from one place to another, pretty cool right? My other ability is harder to explain, it’s kind of like levitation, but I can also make things like bridges and force fields. It’s pretty useful for blowing stuff up, too.

Anyway, back to what I was saying before. Zoom kidnapped me, for my abilities or something, and the Flash had to come and save me. I know I just told you that I had meta-abilities, but I was still new to them at the time. So then… you know what? Let me tell you the whole story.

It was a pretty normal day, I woke up around six in the morning, getting ready to get going.

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