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The people machine

By @MeaningfulMee

The people machine.

The Irish people machine is,

I mean the Irish education system is great.

It is flawless, perfect.


if you are type A.

Only if you are type A.

The type of kid that is happy to memorize the the answer,

without fully understanding the question.

The type that can sit still look pretty.

Be a good little clone.

“Sir I have a question?”

“Don’t give me cheek! Put your hand don’t”

“But sir”

“Office now”

Knowledge is worthless if not on a handout.

Knowledge of any kind that is not on the text book,

is strictly forbidden.

Columbus was an explorer not a criminal.

Don’t answer back.

“Ms I don’t get it”

“That’s cos you weren’t listening”

You are stupid if not clever.

Clever like them.

There is only one way to be clever.

Or so we are told.

Don’t worry though.

For if you don’t know the answer by the end of the class.

There is a solution waiting for you at the end of an empty bottle.

But that is bad.

It is fake.

They tell us that.


Why should we avoid the glorified mind cleansers?

they don’t say.

Unless they lie.

Vague and dangerous lies.

Kids are curious,

kids get bored.

Don’t give them a locked door.

Knowing full way they can pick the lock.

Kids are bold if the fist fight.

Weak if they cry in the bathroom.

Lazy if they don’t do their homework.

No one knows their reasons,

no one cares.

We are thought to take actions at face value.

Don’t look behind the masks.

There is talent in the minds that get left behind.

But it is easier to left them there.

It is easier to left cultural,

then it is to rebuild the tower.

Passion is power,

but is only allowed in small doses.

Don’t overdose.

You don’t what to become a problem now.

we get classes on feminism while a forty year old man pulls girls out of lessons.

To yank studs out of their noses.

If school is for education,

why does it matter?

How does a stud effect an education?

Cos they said so.

“Boys will be boys”

But don’t write about the consequences.

Their ears are to delicate to hear should profanity.

Kids are dying.

Cos no one told them it was okay to love in that way.

There are pages skipped in our C.S.P.E books.

And empty chair.

More and more empty chairs.

Religion can be unforgiving.

Girls are fainting in P.E class.

Cos everyone knows the dangers of obesity.

But the dangerous of an Instagram page and a number growing smaller on an over used scales.

Is a silent killer.

Bodies are not uniform.

So why make every student between those walls wear them?

If you get expelled from school you are more likely to end up in prison.

But the boy that got expelled in my class,

wouldn’t hurt a fly,

So why?

He had a big mouth.

And was not bringing up the grade average.

The school doesn’t fail.

You do.

The students must serve the school not the other way round.

Welcome to the people machine.

They put the tools in front of us but only for a hand full of jobs.

Welcome to the people machine.

You can’t leave.

Welcome to the people machine.

You are not a human being,

your part of the machine.

Low on self esteem.

So you run on cigarettes and future regrets.

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