The Outcast

By @YourSlytherinGirl
The Outcast

The Outcast. That’s what they called her. She had no position in any pack, no value. You could say she was trash.... and that’s the packs did say about her... But maybe the Outcast can save the packs when the humans come.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Andria padded through the forest, her silver lined ears perked up.

The birds overhead chirped cheerfully as the sun slowly rose.

Andria stopped, and lifted her nose into the air, taking in the scent of the fresh earth. The dirt was still moist from the rain shower the night before.

The wolf was silver, was hues of black swirling through her fur. Her eyes were green, with flecks of red mingled in them. Andria had a massive scar running down the side of her face.

Andria’s head bobbed up and down as she thought about her next meal.

“Deer… maybe rabbit.” She growled.

A sharp bark behind her made her spin around.

“Who’s there?” Andria asked nervously.

“It’s the Outcast. Stay away from her, Diego.” A she-fox slinked into the morning light.

Diego, the male fox, trooped over to Andria, and laughed. “Let’s kill her.”

Andria shivered, smelling her fear-scent waft off her body.

”The little wolf to scared to fight back?” Diego taunted.

Andria mustered up a nervous growl. “I-i-i c-can fight-t-t.” She stuttered.

”Stupid Outcast.” The she-fox spat out.

Diego nodded, then pounced at Andria.

Andria’s eyes widened, and she opened her mouth, revealing her sharp teeth.

Diego landed on top of Andria, and nipped her ears.

Andria yipped, and rolled into her back, crushing Diego.

Diego let out a sharp yap of pain as his spine made a cracking sound.

Andria then got to her feet, and started nipping Diego.

The she-fix watched in horror, and bolted away.

Finally, Andria snapped her jaws on the fox’s neck, and broke it.

The fox took his final breath, then died.


I am sorry that this chapter wasn’t that long, but I’ll try to make them longer…..

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