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The New World

By @Greekmythololgyfan

How This Mess Started

Hi. My name is Michael. I will probably be dead by the time you find and read this. If anyone survives. Well, if the world becomes normal again and someone digs this up, then I will definitely be dead. Well, story time.

It all started on September 18th,2020….

“You have to be kidding me!” I said.

“I wish I was.”Said my sister, Emily. She had Brown hair and nice green eyes.

“If it is going to rain the rest of the weak then my life will be over! Is school going to be closed at least?”I asked.

“Yes, School is going to be shut down for a day or two. And yes, it is going to rain no doubt. It was One-Hundred percent.” She said.

“At least school is off.” I said.

“I am going to go to the store. We need to stalk up on non-perishables.” she said.

“There is going to be tons of people. You might get COVID-19.”I said.

“The mask will protect me.” she said.

“You know you that a mask will not keep the virus away. It is not like it is Virus repellent. If that is a thing.” I said sarcastically.

“I am still going.” she said.

An hour or so later, she walked in with grocery bags in both hands.

“Get up and help me, will you?” she asked.

“I guess I could help.”I said.

When we finally finished putting the food away, we heard a scream and running foot steps.


“Is anyone home? HELP M-AGHH!!!

“Should we open the door?”I asked nervelessly.

“Get my katakana.You get your bow and arrows”She said.

“OK.” I said.

I ran up stairs and grabbed the weapons.

“Here yo-EMILY!!”

She was on the ground holding something from attacking her.

I notched an arrow and let it fly. Head shot. As always.

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