The mere luna

By @MommaLu0na

The mere luna

By @MommaLu0na

A young girl who was drawn into the dangers of her community now she has to save everyone she loves or death do them part

Chapter 1


I was drowned, my head was swollen,my spirit overtaken,am struggling ,struggling with myself,struggling to stay alive,struggling to keep moving.

I screamed but I was voiceless,my body switched positions,it twisted and turned,it rose high above the sea level,the water rose with me,and it got me thinking am I controlling it?

The moon is full,I hear the wolves howling like the wind and running in a pack.i sighted a pair of red eyes looking at me,but the body remained hidden in the shadows.

I soared high up and the water came up too, I tried to get a closer look but the water pulled me back in drowning me till I was at the bottom of the sea.

My hair turned blue,my leg vanished and was replaced with a tail.

The water began rumbling,it’s like it’s fighting but with what?

A young boy fell in the water, he couldn’t breathe,i touched him and he opened his eyes,his eyes were red.

He took me and swam up to shore and gave me a bite.

Am I a Luna or a mere Luna?

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  1. Slufflepuff

    I thought the descriptions in this were amazing! Two notes:
    1. Look over things carefully for punctuation (there were a lot of run-on sentences)
    2. Try and slow down a bit. This seems to move a bit fast.
    Other than those two things, this was a really cool chapter, and it was fun to read! Keep it up!

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    Reply 0 Replies Jul 7, 2019

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