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The Master Of Life (Unfinished Copy Chapters Prologue-2)

By @KarmaTheWriter


MY NAME IS Leonardo Vita or just Leo. My mom was murdered five days ago and I was stabbed in the gut and passed out from blood loss. I just woke up in a police interrogation room two minutes ago, enough time to check my watch for the time and date. It is now 11:09 a.m., July 31, 2020 the day before my birthday. I check my surroundings and realize there is a man in a black suit and tie sitting in front of me.

           “Hey,” I say as I realize that I am hand-cuffed to the table between us. “Un-cuff me, what did I do?”

           “You are not being un-cuffed until you answer my questions,” he says, with a glare. “As for what you did; we don’t know. We found you with a knife wound in your stomach and your mother stabbed to death we have a few questions”

           “I am not answering any questions right now,” I respond a plan forming in my head as my mother taught me to, whenever you are in a tight spot. “I want to go to my apartment first. If you take me there, I will answer any questions you can ask me for 24 hours afterward. I am a man of my word.” I see him considering the deal.

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