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The Masked Avenger

By @Venki

Hidden Truth

Nobody spoke which surprisingly irritated Diana. She was always a silent lover. It helped her during her mission. But now it is frustrating her. She wants to punch Tony and Steve in their faces so that this be over. These guys have serious issues, she thought. The tension between them is so thick that she could cut it with one of her knives. Why can’t they just talk?. Fed up with this atmosphere Diana moved towards Natasha. She stood there for a minute when Tony’s voice interrupted her new found peace.” Who are you?. Don’t say this is the new uniform of SHIELD. ” he said. Diana remained silent. She learned to control her emotions a long time ago. She looked at him. But he can’t see her face as the hood is preventing. She didn’t answer.

“Please don’t say you have no face?” he said with a disgusted tone.

Natasha chirped in.”She is a former agent and she does have a face. You haven’t met her because she left before you know about SHIELD”

“So you are hiding your face because of wrinkles…Women” Tony said which made Diana punch him in his face. Natasha opened her mouth to say something but Diana stopped her by placing a hand on her shoulders. She removed her hood and walked towards the light towards Tony.

The Iron man stood in shock and felt embarrassed as the woman before him is drop dead gorgeous. He gaped but closed soon. A smirk played in Diana’s lips as she approached him.

“I’m sorry. But were you talking about me? I thought you were talking to yourself.she said which drained the ego of Stark. Steve scoffed trying to control the laugh while Natasha smiled widely. Loki who had been looking at the scene before him rolled his eyes.

“What’s your name? I just wanted to know who I am working with? he said composing himself from the banter.

 “I’m Diana Winters, a former agent,” she said shaking hands with Tony. Though he wore the suit Tony could feel the tight and firm grip of the woman.

“So why did you leave SHIELD?’ Tony asked without knowing that he hit the wrong button. Diana glared at him which caused him to turn his attention to the soldier.

Tony walked towards Steve. Diana relieved from the question went to stand before Loki who had been watching her keenly. Suddenly he spoke,

“This is not your true power,you’re hiding the beautiful gift. I know what are you hiding. I will come for you if I free myself from these clowns” he said with a sly grin.

Diana’s eyes widened in shock but she soon composed herself. She looked at him intensely analyzing whether he is telling the truth or just manipulating to find her weakness. She stared at him for more than minute threatening without words. The Norse God is terrified by her strong aura showing power and fierce but he hides it with a tight smile.

Suddenly the plane shook hit by something. Diana looked at the front to see lightning. Some things not right. Her instinct kicked up. Her hand made its way to her sword.

“Scared of little lightning,” Steve asked Loki who looked a little pale.

“I’m not fond of what’s coming” he replied. Before she could read Loki’s face the door to the plane opened revealing the another God. He kicked Tony and took Loki from the plane. She was about to go after them but stopped. Her mind raced about all the possibilities of revealing her true powers. Fury would make her work for SHIELD, She won’t be able to look after Alex and continue her somewhat peaceful life. 

“We should have a plan before an attack” Steve shouted at Tony as the wind is blowing really hard.

“I have a plan, Attack,” Tony said as he flew from the plane following the God. She quickly grabbed a parachute and looked at Steve who was doing the same.

She jumped as Steve answered to something Natasha said.

Before both of them could reach the place, they could hear the sound of metal clashing and falling. Steve and Diana reached the place. Steve jumped before Tony with his Shield. The God stopped the fighting but he was unsure whether to fight with Steve or not.

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