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The Masked Avenger

By @Venki

Meeting the Spy

Diana POV


I am walking with Alex and Martha in Washington seeing and enjoying the beautiful city at night. I am not that happy but seeing Alex enjoying it, made me smile. Martha was also enjoying the view. I am sorry because I did not introduce myself properly,

I am Diana Winters, an archaeologist. Alex is my adopted son who is 7 years old and Martha is my guardian or caretaker…whatever they call it.

She has been taking care of me when my parents died in an accident. I was only 15 years old..when that incident happened. She is like a mother to me now. Coming to the present, Alex got bored sitting and doing homework so we all decided to have some family time.

I was talking to Martha about my recent trip to Cuba for finding the Bronze Dragon head…suddenly I could not feel Alex’s hands in me. Alex was not in front of us… I also asked Martha. She said she did not see him as she was listening to me. My heart raced fast how could I be so careless.

I searched for him and at last, I found his red jacket ahead of us and he was entering a building with a man. I could not see the man clearly…I told Martha to follow me and I ran to the building. When I entered the building…it looked like a gym. Why on earth Alex go on with a man to a gym?

Alex! Alex! I called out to him so that he would come to me. I was surprised and shocked to see the scene in front of me. Alex was holding the hands of the one person who I wished to never see in my life. The one and only NICK FURY. I was angry at him and how dare he could take Alex with him. I once again called Alex.Three heads turned towards me. Two faces were happy, obviously, it was Alex’s and Fury’s and the third one looked confused. I don’t know who was that. But I remember seeing his photo somewhere.

Alex came running to me and hugged my legs.”Don’t you dare go somewhere without informing me, understand? You scared me, Alex.” I said. Martha also came there finally finding the place. Alex looked sad.”Sorry, Diana…I didn’t mean to do that. I saw uncle Nick and he asked me to accompany him. He also made me get an autograph from Captain America..you know. It’s so cool, right?” said Alex with a glow in his eyes. I couldn’t help but smile. I cannot be mad at him for long.

I smiled and said, “Yes it is”. Then I remembered that face. “The man out of time”.Martha and Alex went outside to give some time for me to talk with the man that I once regarded as my father.

‘I didn’t wish to see you here’ I said.

Well, wishes don’t happen always, Ms Winters.

I rolled my eyes .’ You didn’t change at all Ms.Winters.You have become more responsible and daring. That’s what I like in you most’

A small smile made its way in my lips.

We have been rude, Ms.Winters meet Captain Rogers. You could have seen him in the papers.

Yes, I have. It’s an honour meeting you in person Captain.

The pleasure’s all mine ma’am. said, Captain. The papers and the T.V have made injustice. He is so handsome in person, I thought.

I smiled genuinely.’ Before you start, you know that I am going to say no. So, let’s save all our time I said. I cannot be a part of this. I have done enough. Time has passed, but the wound isn’t healed.

‘Have a good day, you both’Night, night’.I said walking towards the exit.

Nick called,’Diana, Wait. Barton’s been compromised.’

That’s it. He knows my weakness, that’s why I hate him the most. I had no choice. Clint’s more than a co-agent. He is my brother, guide and my well-wisher. He was with me through thick and thin.

I turned and walked towards him.’ What did you do now? What I have to do?’

‘That’s my agent. The information about the mission is here in the file. You also have to pick up Captain Rogers and meet at the airport. There’s a package in your apartment. You will have all the information about it in it’.

I nodded. But said nothing. We know that there is a lot to talk about but now’s not the time. We came out of the building.’ Where are you going now, Fury’.

That’s classified, Winters’.

I shook my head. Then I turned towards Rogers.’ Well, Captain. I see you tomorrow. It’s a pleasure meeting you, again ‘Be ready at 5 am’I smiled.

‘Sure.Me too ma’am.Tomorrow’s a big day’.

“Yeah.Night, Captain.’ I said and I made my way towards my apartment thinking about Barton and Alex who I wish should be sleeping.

Steve’s Pov

I couldn’t sleep as the memories came back, so as usual, I decided to go to the gym. I punched the bag more as the memories came. The more I threw the punches the more the memories came.

As I was in my own world, I saw two figures approaching me. I turned towards them. One of them is Director Fury and the other one was a kid. I wondered why he would bring a kid with him. He’s not more than 10 years old.

(Skipping the talk between Fury and Captain).

As we were talking I heard a voice, a woman actually…I looked up to the person and the face made me somehow feel safe. She was scolding the boy for leaving her, but it was soft and at the same time strict. She then turned towards us and started speaking. From what she spoke, I could understand that she was not happy with the meeting. Then Fury introduced me to her, that’s when I noticed her face…she seemed more like a normal girl than an agent. I could not say that she is an agent..because her face was so……innocent?After some talk. Fury made her work in the mission. After the whole encounter. I went home as a big day is waiting for me.


As Steve closed his apartment door, he heard the horn.’ Just a minute’ he said and came down to see his ride is waiting. Surprisingly a bike other than his own was standing and Miss. Winters was standing near his bike and admiring it.

He chuckled.’ Haven’t seen a bike’ he asked.’ No, no. It’s just Alex loves this bike’ Diana said.

Oh! I am happy to see someone like me. So, Where is our ride, Miss Winters’.he asked worried that they would be late.

Here it is Captain’.Diana said and motioned him to the bike next to him. He was impressed but didn’t show it.

‘Actually, you have to pick me up I won’t drive’.He teased.

‘Don’t worry, Cap.I’ll keep my word. Who said you are going to drive?

Can you drive a bike? he was embarrassed.

I don’t allow anyone to drive my bike. Not even Fury” she said while noticing the blush in his cheeks.

He smiled and they both rode to the airport. While the whole drive they didn’t talk but the silence was somehow comfortable.

They both reached the airport and parked the bike.

Who’s going to take that bike back home

My friend, she will be here any minute.

You said that you won’t allow anyone…..

“She is my friend so what’s mine it is also hers” she interrupted. He nodded.

They came inside and walked towards the place where a private jet is waiting for them. Diana entered first,

Is it my favourite troublemaker? Agent Coulson asked.

Diana rolled her eyes. Yes, it is…How are you?

I am fine. I was happy when Fury said you are in.

I know, Don’t waste your excitement in seeing me. Because your crush is behind me.

He scoffed. I know Phil is a huge fan of Captain America. He always boasts about his achievements.

He welcomed him and the plane took off to our destination. The ride to the helicarrier was silent most of the time. Captain was going through the files and Diana seemed to be lost in her thoughts.

Tara, run my child…run as fast as you can. 

I won’t leave your mother. Tears rolled down her eyes

You don’t have a choice. You have to survive this for me. Remember always Tara’Be kind and always do the right thing’

‘Mother, She cried as her mother died by protecting her.

 Phil’s voice brought her back to reality. Captain and Phil have been staring at her.

You spaced out, Are you okay? Diana.

I am fine. How long have you been staring at me?

Just for five minutes, he answered. That’s creepy said, Diana. She didn’t want Phil to ask her what she was thinking? She decided to change the topic.

How long you have been doing research about tesserect?

For five months…Why do you ask?

Just curious.

Captain Rogers stood from his place and walked towards Coulson. they both stood beside each other.

Coulson said It’s been a great honour actually.

Rogers nodded at that.

I mean I was there when you were sleeping he said.

Captain Rogers doesn’t know how to react. He stood there confused about what to stay. Diana smirked at the agent while he glared at her. She chuckled.

We have reached the place, sir. The pilot said. The three of them stood to face what was waiting for them.

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