The Magical Barn (Part 1)

By @Fantasy_Lover429

The Magical Barn (Part 1)

By @Fantasy_Lover429

The Magical Barn is a book about a girl named Katie and the magical barn at Sunshine Barn. One night, she found out that the barn at Sunshine Barn was MAGICAL, but her family doesn't believe that. A few weeks later, her family gets caught by the spirit of Sunshine Barn! Will Katie be able to save her family and discover WHY the barn is magical? (This is part 1. I will make each part of this book everyday.)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1-The Sparkling Light Near the Barn

It was a cold day at Sunshine Barn. A girl named Katie and her family work there. Since it was winter time, they all had to work REALLY HARD until spring which is the time to grow new crops. That night, Katie went to sleep in her tree house for the 10th or 20th time. But she couldn’t sleep because when she shut or opened her eyes, she saw a glowing thing in front of her. So, instead of sleeping, Katie climbed down her tree house and went towards the light. After Katie walked a few steps, she couldn’t believe what she saw-THE BARN WAS GLOWING!!! “How could the barn be glowing?” she whispered to herself. Then she found a note by the barn. It said-

Dear whoever is reading this,

You have found out (or not) that the barn at Sunshine Barn is MAGICAL. But go to sleep now, or else the old Sunshine Barn spirit will have you as your dinner.


The founder of Sunshine Barn, Marrist

“Wow!” Katie whispered. I never knew that this barn was magical! I have to tell my family tomorrow at breakfast!” Then she climbed back to her tree house, and slept.

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