The Mages of Eoqonoris

By @Wolfkitty

The Mages of Eoqonoris

By @Wolfkitty

A normal human lived a normal life, until one day his family is slain by the Dark King's servants, the goblins, because his family wasn't wanted. He runs away, barely escaping the pointed spears of the servants, only to be taken in by the Five Great Mages. They teach him magic, and raise him to be the hero that they cannot be, but he can. Read to find out what happens in this adventure.

Chapter 2

Chapter One

Elliot, a boy about twelve years of age, ran through the Forest of Dreams, the forest nearest his village, and a beautiful one as well. Elliot wore a regular, dusty brown tunic, with baggy brown pants and shoes made of Unicorn Hide. He chased the Glowflies, big dragonflies with a bigger, blue rump that glows. In the trees grew Glowfruit, which resembled the rumps of Glowflies, but were smaller and edible. Elliot halted as the Glowflies flew into the crowded leaves of the Glowfruit trees and out of sight. He saw a group of goblins moving through the forest, carrying the body of a girl with a white dress.

Elliot ran as fast he could, his dusty brown hair sweeping his face, sometimes obstructing his view. He glanced behind for a moment, seeing the goblins following him. He turned around to find his village in his view. He would be safe in his house.

He shut the door behind him as he entered his house.

“Mom, dad! There’s goblins heading towards our village! They’re carrying a girl with a white dress!”

Elliot’s mom and dad panicked.

“Don’t worry, Elliot. They’re probably just passing by.”

That’s what they thought, until there was a knock at their door.

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