The Lyricist And The Singer

By @Writer13
The Lyricist And The Singer

This is about a girl who tries to hide her past but then it bites her bum. What if she has to put her full trust in a human who is counting on her to write his songs.

Chapter 8

Unexpected Visitor

Quote of the day by me:

If someone told me life was this ****** up, then I would have just jumped off a cliff.

It has been an hour since I tied Calub up in the basement. All my team mates are currently torturing him, but that is nothing compared to my broken heart.

I was going to check on him since I was currently writing a song for Shane in case he rings. But then I realised, their his problem now. Lying scumbag!

The time is currently 7am and I realised. Why don’t I go to school today? My friends will be suspicious and today is Tuesday. I have to apologise to Shane for not speaking to him.

I am going to wear a comfortable outfit today since I have to do another ******* interrogation and probably kill my best friend off. I can’t hand him back but I could control his mind and make him think he is my brother.

Just as I was about to leave, I got a knock on the door. That is unusual for my team is in and they are asleep.

I grabbed a pen knife to protect myself and put it behind my back.

“Who is there?” I stammered.

“Shane. Can you please open the door you haven’t been in school for ages and I miss you.”

I hesitantly opened the door to reveal him. Wow, his messy hair looks as good as ever!

The truth about me is that I am actually pretty but I get people to think that I am ugly with my psychic abilities.

“Where is your mum? She can’t let you be home alone.”

I cringed at those words and came up with the most plausible excuse I could think of.

“She is on a three week trip to Paris with her boyfriend.”

“Oh… OK so do you want a ride to school?”

“Uhm… sure just let me get my bag be right back!”

I ran upstairs where there are ten master bedrooms. Yes I live in a small house, but my magic pays off. I have a lot more than psychic powers. I have to alert the team Potenthia where I was going and they had no choice but to agree since I have to act normal. I was just near my bedroom when I got hit with waves of power. The mage is here. Or was.

Blood. Blood everywhere. My agent! I ran towards him but a shield stopped me.

“Ah. Ah. Ah. Not so fast. Patient 7.0… you have to welcome me back since it has been three years since I created you.”

I froze on the spot. No way! The alpha of Serthent is here. No… More than one alpha. Four. For ***** sake!

“Hello, makers. Long time no see. I am sorry but I have to go for I am only 13. But then again, you don’t give a ******* ****.”

“That is no way to talk to your king who created and chose you. I could destroy you with a click of my finger. Now get back your lover boy and make a decision. We will see you in a month to see how you have done. And nice kill by the way. My little weapon.”

Before I could react, they disappeared in a mist. The mist that killed my father. I got to get out of here. And save Shane along the way. Since I am on my own now.

I ran downstairs while thinking of how to tell Shane this since he was just stood behind me with a shocked face. I never noticed him. But he seemed to notice me. I grabbed my school bag.

“What the **** just happened Ellie? Nobody disappears in smoke like that unless you actually believe in magic.”

I stayed silent not wanting to discuss my life. I forbid to use magic on humans. They will just get angrier.

I knew he was going to hit me when I got a warning sign. I grabbed his wrist and bent it backwards until it went all floppy.

“Don’t ever try to ******* hit me again! Do you understand me!?”

He just muttered a yes before howling in pain, begging me to fix it again. I just sighed and reflexed it back in it’s original position.

“There will be a bruise there But let us just get in the car for now.”

We made our way in silence to the car while getting in and listening to the news.

This is BBC Radio 1…

Good morning, and welcome to BBC Radio 1 where all the latest gossip happens. Instead of the happy stuff, we are going to commemorate a memory of the funeral party of Mrs Jones. The mother and wife. She was brutally murdered by her husband, Mr Jones. But the party was a disaster with the fire that killed over seventy people. This was no accident for we found a suspicious person lighting a match near a gas station. We still haven’t identified the suspect yet but she will be found soon for after three years there has been more sightings of her. If you have any information on her whereabouts, please inform the police where you could collect a prize of £3.5million. Thank you for listening this has been BBC Radio 1…”

“The ****!?”

“What is it Ellie?”

“Nothing never mind. I will tell you later when we get to my place. Yes you are coming to mine later so we can write songs.”

After what seemed like forever, we finally arrived at school. The place I call hell. And all because Shane is going to find out my secret. For some reason… I can trust him.

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