The Lyricist And The Singer

By @Writer13
The Lyricist And The Singer

This is about a girl who tries to hide her past but then it bites her bum. What if she has to put her full trust in a human who is counting on her to write his songs.

Chapter 3

This Is My Ex

Quote of the day by me:

An ex means nonexistent in someone else’s lives.

Not someone to hook up and forgive, no matter how sweet they are.

As we were walking down the main town street, I guided him to my favourite italian style café.

When we entered someone turned around and looked rather guilty and love sick.

“Hello, Ellie. How are you?” My ex commented awkwardly.

“I am fine, thanks! What about you, Calub?”

“Fine… I am sorry I had to leave.”

“It is ok, really. I understood why. But three years and you haven’t changed one bit!”

I heard somebody clearing their throat and I saw Shane glaring at me with an amused expression.

A waiter addressed us to my favourite table which is by the window and where I was next to the juke box.

I missed Calub so much since we were best friends for over eight years until he finally asked me out on my birthday. I always had a secret crush on him since we were both born on the same day. Such a coincidence, right?

“Wait! How about you come sit with us, Calub?” Shane motioned towards the chair opposite me as he sat next to me.

“Uhm… Sure!” He smiled at us before gradually walking towards us.

Dang it, he is smoking hot as ever! I know I said that I wouldn’t love anyone. But he is my first and only love in my life. He has a six-pack since he is wearing a casual V- neck t-shirt. Those dimples are the most clearest ever beauty. But my dad doesn’t want me near boys so I went behind his back with my mum. He has an amazing jaw line and he is the only male so far who isn’t an ass that I have met. He actually cares about me and he also has a huge crush on me. He doesn’t care if I have zits across my face. Now let me tell you how he left.


I heard a car pulling up with two people in it. My boyfriend and his big sister, who was driving, looked dull and sad. He still has the most striking black hair and green eyes. Yet he is not smiling at all. Which is not a surprise but when he is with me he smiles nonstop.

They left the car with a big SLAM!

“Come on and hurry up the byes to your girlfriend and her family!”


“Yes, Lily!”

He ran up to me with his hair flopping about. Geez he is so cute!

When he reached me he looked so sad and sullen.

“Hey girl! This may be the last time I will see you since my dad is finally in jail. So… Goodbye! Remember that you will always be my baby girl! You will always be my girlfriend!” He kissed me softly and sweetly on the lips, brushing my long, muddy, brown hair while hugging me.

He then just ran off when I heard a beep from the car horn. I barely heard it though since my heart broke in two zillion pieces.

End of Flashback.

I never got the chance to finish the song off so as we finished our orders which Calub got for me, he asked me one question that lit a million Christmas lights in my heart. Yet I knew that my song will still matter.

“Ellie, my baby girl. Will you please be my girlfriend again? I promise I will never leave you and I will always support your decisions. No matter how stupid they are. I know you are the most cleverest and brightest girl in my world. So I ask again, will you PLEASE be my girlfriend?”

I still loved him. But would it last? He is literally begging on his knees for me to be his love. Dang it! Why must he love a girl like me? He is so hot whereas I am… Not.

“Well?” He was literally giving me puppy eyes right now.

“YES!!!” I jumped up in joy and hugged him to death.

“And Calub?”

“Hmm?” He muffled in my hair.

“I have a song about us. Would you like to read it?”

“Sure! And Shane would you like to listen?”

“Uhm… Sorry no I have some… Work! Yeah, work to do on my new album since I usually create tunes. You two go ahead and have fun!” He says while blushing.

WOW! Shane has never blushed in front of me before. Is he jealous? Just before I could say anything he left abruptly.

“So… You wrote a song for me? Or just of our past?”

“Of our past. Now here it is!”



Verse 1

#Baby, the way you smile you light me up,

Coz I have been waiting for you

Even though I am out of your league,

We never really talked

You just smiled and walked to ten Barbie girls,

It is like on the outside looking in

I just need to see those dimples shine#


#Coz I have never seen you cry, or lie,

You are the only one who shows them dimples off

Baby, don’t lie,

Baby, don’t cry

Coz I am tired, of my heart,

Being shattered by your pain

Who knew love would hurt this much?

But your dimples seem to make it ok…#

Verse 2

#Yeah, I know, I know, I know, I know that you are taken,…

But I have been waiting…

For the perfect one,

I thought it was you

But really it was your dimples,

That shone right through the night

No-o-o-ot you,

Coz you are just a player

That just doesn’t know when to stop,

So let me sa-a-aaayyyy#


#Coz I have never seen you cry, or lie,

You are the only one who shows them dimples off

Baby, don’t lie,

Baby, don’t cry

Coz I am tired, of my heart,

Being shattered by your pain

Who knew love would hurt this much?

But your dimples seem to make it ok…#(x2)

#I am blushing…

But not for you…

I am smiling…

But not for you…

I am crying…

But not for you,

Coz your dimples have long gone#

“Wow…” He muttered.

“So…you like it? Please don’t hate me.” I practically begged while finishing off my strawberry smoothie.

“You said that…. The song is all about me?”

“Yes, I love you I LOVE YOU. I ******* LOVE YOU!!! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY IT?!”

“None, for I could tell you love Shane. He loves you. Maybe my mum was right after all. You are worthless after all. You only like how I look, not how I feel. But you feel for him. We are OVER!!!” He spat the word “him” and stormed out, not only with his hurtful words, but also my shattered heart.

I really loved him. I really did love Calub… Did I? I don’t feel for Shane, I know that for a fact!

Now I have to talk to Calub. Wait, no I will talk to my mum.

And tell her Calub is back… But as my ex. For this is my ex. And he messed with the wrong writer!


Author’s Note 

~Now think about it… Who do you ship? Shane or Calub?

~Who do you hate the most right now?

~Do you feel sorry for Ellie?

~What about the song I wrote?

I love writing this book… and I bet you will love reading this as much as I do.☺

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