The Lotus Society

By @Catleigh
The Lotus Society

The Lotus Society was supposed to be a rebellion against the evil Queen Anastasia. Instead they became her secret service. Horrible things happen in the jade castle and Darling wants to stop them. How much damage can she do before Anastasia notices?

Chapter 1



I have been told that my skills are not pleasant. I have been called a liar and a cheat. I find nothing wrong with the skill of words though, for it is my greatest skill. My name is Helen, but those of the Moth society call me The Mamba. I have been trained in the art of lying, my words are more deadly than poison. I have seven different personas that I use to my advantage. Everytime you see me, I wear a different skin. To you I may be one person, but to others… I am different.



Over the years of my training I have become adept at seeing but not looking. I could watch a man pickpocket a lady while dancing with her, but he wouldn’t know I had seen. I could watch two sailors pass money under their coats, but they would never know my eyes had counted every gold, silver and copper. My name is Aurora, but those of the Lotus Society call me Raven. I have eyes where no one expects. It is my strongest asset.



They call me Ash, though my name is Rowan. They say I’m the leader of the Lotus Society, but, I am second in command. My talent is the skill of knives. I have been trained in the art of the kill. Though I have fought many warriors and held many a blade, not a single cut has marred my skin. They call me unkillable, but half-mortal blood runs through my veins. My petal is fighting, I’m the lethal predator, not prey.

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