The Little Orphan

By @missmadisonn
The Little Orphan

This book is about a little girl who is sick. She also is an orphan and no one will adopt her. That is until Kevin Lee shows up, and changes her whole life.

Chapter 1

The First Encounter

Once there was an orphan named Loni. She dreamed and dreamed about being adopted. Loni counted each day because her days were getting short. Poor Loni was sick, and no one wanted a 6-year old that was on the verge of dying. Doctors said that if Loni did not get treatment within the next five months she would die. It was hard for Loni because she didn’t have any friends. All the other girls would make fun of her because she was dying. Loni was not going to let those girls tear her down.

There was a man named Kevin Lee who was an actor who played many roles in Tv shows and movies. You would think that someone who has a lot of money would be happy, but not everyone. Kevin’s wife had died and he had no children, but he did want them. He was passing by the orphanage one day and saw little Loni looking sad in the window. Kevin asked to see the little girl in the window. He also saw the other girls laughing at her. Kevin decided to go inside. He took a look inside and saw how beaten down some of the things were, and he wondered how children could live there, but that’s all they had. Kevin asked to see the little girl in the window; he didn’t know she was Loni. As he walked up to her, Loni saw him and her eyes lit up. He asked her a bunch of questions about her and what she was going through. He also wanted to know why she was all alone and why the other girls were laughing at her. Loni said, “I don’t have friends, and the reason I don’t hang around them is that they talk about me because I’m dying and I haven’t got adopted yet.” Kevin felt bad for Loni, so he decided that he would come to see her every day. Each day he noticed that she was getting sicker. He asked Loni if anyone was going to pay for her treatment. Loni said, “No, because they don’t have enough money.” Even though Kevin didn’t know her, he felt that he should pay for her treatments. He decided that he would do just that and take her to visit some places. As Loni tried to go to sleep, she was so excited that she might actually make it.

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