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The Little Fox

By @Littlefox12

Chapter 1

Once Upon a Time, There was a little fox who lived on the rocky shores next to a small fishing village. The Village was on the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. It was quite cold most of the year, especially in the fall and winter months. Little Fox has a thick rust orange coat, with dark grey covering her paws, tail, back, face, and ears. She has a den in between some of the rocks next to the beach.

On this winter day, Little Fox decided to go to the fishing village in search of a few scraps of fish, an easy meal. She trotted over, and went to the wharf. There she found a few discarded scraps, such as fish tails, which she quickly ate. Then she went back to her den, satisfied with her meal.

She lay down in the back her den, a place she had reserved for sleeping. Since her den was wedged in between two rocks, with one in the back, it would not have been very comfortable to sleep on the bare floor. Knowing this, Little Fox had lined her sleeping space with moss, creating a cozy place to rest.

After a nice fulfilling nap, Little Fox started on her way to the berry bush, thinking that there might be some berries for her to eat. The berry bush was in the forest, a thickly wooded area beyond the rocks and past the meadow. Once she had gotten to the forest edge, Little Fox crept in cautiously. After assuring herself that she was safe to go in, Little Fox resumed her normal pace, and she was soon at the berry bush.

She did find some dried berries at the base of the bush, though it was no bounty. Just as she was turning to leave, she heard the shrill call that could only belong to one animal. A Fox.

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