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The lie of equal opportunities, and meritocracy in IT

By @magicvanillacloud

They change their mind and make me an offer

One of the companies who also was interested in me, was located in Bracknell, and the only way to get there without a car was to take the train. The train, luckily, went through London ( I love London ).

This company, in Bracknell, hadn’t made the world of an impression on me.

The guy, who was going to be my manager, was a very cold and arrogant man who gave me a very bad vibe.

When the interview was through, I received a very nice compliment from a German engineer who said that my German was “perfect”.

During my time working with German engineers, I have never had any negative experiences. I value every honest, and well-intentioned feedback. My time working with them, was a very interesting, and enjoyable time.

After the interview, the manager guided me to the exit and he asked me if I was interviewing for any other company. I told him that I was interviewing for a company in Bicester. After I told him this, he said that Bicester was a very nice village.

This could have been a discrete signal, that he would rather I go there. It was really irrelevant, because I didn’t really like them.

On the train ride home, it was a really sunny day, when I rode the train from Bracknell into London.

My phone rings, and it is the recruiter from Bundocks. I take the call.

The guy basically told me that the rejection that I received, was some sort of mistake, because one of the managers who had to sign off on the hiring decision was into hospital. He was really cheerful, and he told me that they wanted to offer me the job.

I was pleasantly surprised, and accepted straight away.


Soon after, came the official offer letter and the usual requests for checking all the necessary documents.

Bundocks offered me more money then the previous company I had worked for. I did not expect this, since most companies offered a lower salary than that.

On top of this, I received a separate budget for training and development. This was a very new thing for me, and it sounded very promising, since most of the training and development that I had done so far was at my own personal expense.

Everything looked great, except for the fact that there was another company that was significantly more modest who also wanted to work with me. This company was located in the elegant, and lovely town of Thame. I fell in love with it the 1st time I visited it for the interview.

Looking back, I can’t say that I am certain I would have picked them, but the decision had nothing to do with money.

The team I was going to work in for the company in Thame, was formed of only two people, and they were strangers to me. I viewed the situation as too much of a gamble. If they wouldn’t have liked me a lot, then things wouldn’t have worked out, and then it would have been a loss for both sides.

After painful pondering, I had to reject the cool and friendly company in Thame, and I stuck with Bundocks.

Even knowing the evil that happened at Bundocks, the fun times still pop into my mind.

It is a funny how only bright and happy memories float at the surface of our consciousness, when we remember something. In order to recall the negative memories, you need to go looking for them, deep in your mind.

I went ahead with the hiring proceedings for Bundocks.

In the time that was left to me until I was going to start my new job, I went visiting beautiful and surprising Oxford.

Places like the Ashmolean Museum are for free, and there are so many interesting and fabulous things in there, that you can always come and visit it again, without the risk of being bored.

After the trip to the museum, I went to have a coffee at The Gate and sat in one of the restaurants that was practically empty, despire it’s good-looking interior.

The waiter was a polite foreigner who brought me an apple pastry, that was as hard as winter leahter boots, but it didn’t matter, because I decided to like the restaurant anyway.

Even during this little break, I had my CCNP book with me. Every time that I did not use an opporutnity to study, I found myself immersed into a feeling of guilt. Later, I would learn that I shouldn’t blame myself for enjoying life.

Before I left, I stroke a bit of a conversation with the waiter.

It turned out that he was a Greek guy, and he said that his country had somewhat recovered from the financial crisis that it was going trough 5 years ago, at that time.

Moments like that, made me feel a slight desire for a more vibrant social life. Even if I would have known this guy better, the truth is that I was way too different to fit into his world.

I left the cool-looking restaurant and headed home.

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