I'm a nobody

By @JadesWriting

I'm a nobody

By @JadesWriting

Hi. I just started writing! I'm not a natural at putting those indents in paragraphs. I probably did it wrong, but I'm not a professional.

Chapter 1

My life

Hi, I’m Anna Thomas. I’m thirteen and I live in California with my dad and younger brother, Charlie. My sister Jane had passed away when I was 6. She had gotten cancer the year before.

Up until she died, Jane would care for Charlie and I. I’ve lived my whole life without my mom, but when Jane was around, it felt like I had one.

When I was eight, I got curious and asked dad about my mom. He wasn’t very eager to share, but he told me she loved me very much. I asked what happened to her. I got no answer.

My dad isn’t around much, so most of the time I need to take care of Charlie. Sometimes dad gets a babysitter. He’s a Policeman. Apparently he is really important at the station, so he is needed on most of their missions.

Dad gets payed a lot of money for his job, so we live in a mansion and I go to a private school. Sometimes I wish I was a normal kid who goes to a normal house and had a normal family, with both parents.

My friends from my public schools lately have been avoiding me like I have some kind of disease. Every time I try to plan a time to see each other, they don’t text back. I would try to get together with my friends from my private school, but they aren’t very friendly.

I turned thirteen on July ninth. Three months later, on October seventeenth, I was diagnosed with depression. Now, two weeks later, I have found ways to keep me calm, and try to be happy.

I have found different, calm ways to occupy myself. I have started to draw, painting classes, play basketball, and do yoga. Charlie has participated in all of these activities with me. He enjoys it when he hangs out with me and do the things I do.

Although he is only five, Charlie is very good at keeping me calm. I find more joy in doing the things I do when Charlie is doing it with me. I haven’t told anybody else about my depression. Just Charlie and dad know.

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