The Last

By @AlieB145
The Last

Ela lives as an experiment. Her only purpose is to be watched and tested upon. But she has other plans. Soon she discovers that there are many others dealing with her same struggle and that the world she left behind is not the same as it used to be.

Chapter 1

Welcome to the Box

If you are a Labbie you know me as GenH3345. If you live a normal life you don’t know me at all. Or at least not my story. So that’s why I’m writing this book, to set the record straight.

Now most of you out there don’t know what a Labbie is. Well think of your parents or teachers and then put them in white lab coats and replace their brains with those of killer scientists. Congratulations! You built yourself a Labbie. They were the rule enforcers and care-takers back at the box. What is the box you ask? Well hold on a second I’m about to tell you. It’s basically the super prison you’ve never heard of. So let me enlighten you!

The box’s official name is The International Laboratory for Advanced Evolution or TILAE for short. In 1981 it was created by the most powerful governments in the world to house the so called Children of the Future which I will talk about a little while later. The plan was to form a army made of a bunch of really smart, strong kids and inject them with drugs to make them stronger and smarter. However after Generations A and B someone finally realized, “Hey maybe abducting kids and turning them into possible mutated monsters is a bad idea.” So the governments came together to apologize for their actions and shut down TILAE. And everyone thought it was all over. That nothing like this would ever happen again. What a bunch of bull.

What really happened was even though all of the other world governments withdrew from the Children of the Future program, the United States continued to fund and fuel the project. In secret, they kept kidnapping and detained hundreds of children. And a lot of those children are the ones you see on the news that are missing. If they are between the ages of 10 and 12 then it’s probably TILAE at work. However no one ever realized that it could be TILAE because according to the government the building was burned and all technology was destroyed back in 1989. But that never happened and the original building still stands deep within the Nevada desert, everything piece of technology left untouched. They call it Area 51 and no one but high security government officials are allowed in. Most of the time even the president doesn’t know what goes on in there. The CIA has a different job as well. Since they were the ones to found the Children of the Future program they were also the ones to continue it until the Great Takeover in 2016.

Now TILAE has a certain way of operating that allows them to get the perfect amount of children for experiments every 4 years What they do is start the kidnappings for that generation when most of the kids are around 10. Eventually, over the course of two to three years, they kidnap 50 girls and 50 boys and begin the experimentation process by the youngest child’s

twelfth birthday. And they space it out so evenly that it just seems like a lot of disorganized crime. Making sure they never choose too many children from one area or at one time so it looks completely random. But it’s so much more. Nothing in TILAE is random, every breathe, step and movement happens to bring them closer to world domination. It’s part of what makes them so dangerous.

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