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The Girl With The Star Tattoos

By @Artsy_Crafter

Part Three

        The stars are dancing around up in the sky up in the sky, like they always do.

     “Goodbye.” I say to them. I know this will be the last time I see them. Wondering if where I am moving I will be able to say goodnight to them everyday and good morning every time the sun is out, through my beautiful sky light.

XX The Next Morning XX

I wake up bright and early to go to my new job. A new coffee shop right down the street. Hobby Coffee is the name. Just opened up about four months ago. As I walk in the store is very crowded! So many couples. I feel sad and more distanced from the world as everyone looks like they are walking around me in slow motion but I’m putting on a happy face today! A good act just like my beloved stars.

“Hi! I’m Halley. I’m the new worker here.”I smile as I talk to the manager who is busily cleaning up be hind the counter.

“Oh yes! Hello. I hope you’ve made a coffee before because your subbing in for our barista! She out of town vacationing some where in Europe.”

“Yes. No of course I know how to make coffee!” I lie. I only have ever drank tea.

XX 3 hours later XX

Making the coffee was a challenge at first, but after I spilled the first cup I copied off the other barista and I caught along quickly. Her name tag says her name is Crystal. She looks to be around the same age of me but is smaller. She has light blond hair and blue eyes. 

“Hi Crystal.” I say walking over to her at the end of the day.

“Hi… wait I don’t know your name or who you are even!”

“Oh sorry right I read your name tag! I’m-” Then I see her instantly look at my name tag.

“Right Halley. Like the comet! Right?”


“Well I’ll see you tomorrow, Halley!” She say’s cheerfully as she leaves the shop.

Oh that was pretty quick. Before I leave the shop I walk over to the public bulletin board in the corner of the shop. I reach into my bag and pull out a flyer I made a couple nights ago.





& (716) 997 2568

I look at my gmail realizing I should change it. I made that gmail with him when we first moved in together. 

XX Later that night XX

As I pack up most of all my belonging I pick up a red baseball cap. This was Alex’s favorite. All the memories that I tried to forget just came all flooding in, in a split second. I melt to the floor and begin to cry.

I’ve tried so hard not to do this! I think to myself. I look up through the sky light and see my favorite things of all. I calm down and try not to think about Alex but how beautiful the stars are. Wondering how I am going to be able to survive without them. All of the sudden, out of nowhere a big shooting star cross over the big blue night sky.

“Woah…” I whisper to myself in the dim light of the moon. I look into my mirror standing in the corner of my room. The moons blue shine against my pale face almost makes me look like a ghost, haunted by it’s past.

The next thing I know I am standing up and brushing myself off, grabbing my coat jacket and walking out the front door. I’m going somewhere. Somewhere were I can go and get the stars. 

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