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The Generations

By @Grallingbo

“And… there. That should be it…”

Mike rolled out from underneath the jet. Sitting up on the rolling platform underneath him, he wiped sweat from his brow as Erwin entered the garage. With a grin, he pointed at the jet behind him with his screwdriver.

“That’s a bit better, don’t you think?” Mike shouted, his voice echoing throughout the vast hangar as he continued to gesture towards the dirtied fighter jet.

“I wouldn’t consider it too reliable though,” Erwin argued as he neared Mike, his hands in his lab coat. “Consider the fact that it isn’t the latest prototype. Just because you made a few modifications to the programming that made the layout inside look prettier doesn’t always mean it will work as beautifully as it appears.”

“Wow,” Mike chuckled, standing from the platform, dusting his pants off. “You hate this Sally, don’t you?” He turned to stare at the jet.

The poor girl was an early fighter. Having been manufactured by the Boeing Defense, Space & Security division all the way back in 2007, the new age of jets was starting to overrun her and the rest of the other early fighters. The one Mike had behind him, nicknamed Torpid, was one of the last of her kind; an F-15 Eagle. Mike, alongside a few of the newer engineers, tried enabling the newer technology into her system in order to enhance weapon stability and engine power. They tried this with many of the other early fighters, but they all didn’t seem to be able to handle the new functions.

“I don’t hate her, I…” Erwin paused. “I just suppose I don’t approve of the fact that she’s still functioning. She looks so old… I think it would be best to put her out of her misery than to break her even more. So many scratches…” Erwin walked forward to stroke one of the dents in Torpid’s plating.

Mike moved to stand beside Erwin. He put his hands on his hips and pondered on what to say until finally, he spoke. “What do you reckon we do instead then?” he asked, turning his head towards Erwin.

“Something else entirely,” Erwin said, simply. “Start from the ground up, try to do something entirely new. Our company has been working off of trashed ideas and despite that being wonderful, we’ve heard them all before. We’re really just taking ideas that we’ve thrown in the garbage and remaking them. Why don’t we start off with a completely new slate, something that nobody has even thought of yet?”

Mike sighed solemnly. “I tried inputting an idea to the admin’s box that was nearly the same concept, but hours later I received an email that my request was rejected,” he explained.

Erwin shook his head, frowning.

“We have to get it someday…”

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