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The First Wife ~ The Walking Dead Fanfic

By @Rensen

Chapter 1

There was silence.

No birds singing the morning song.

No cars rushing their way to their 9 to 5 jobs.

No kids excited or complaining about going to school

Nothing but silence, a tumbleweed rolling along the road wouldn’t even break the silence.

But the silence wasn’t relaxing, it was terrifying.

They had no idea what sound they would hear, and what followed it.

Could it be the sound of relief or horror?

“It’s so quiet, I don’t know what scares me the most, silence or death in a herd” The brunette spoke out looking around at the many trees passing as they drove in the Range Rover.

“What scares me the most is how long we have to keep going until we find someone” her sister spoke out, turning a corner in the road. “How long is it until we hit the petrol station Clara?”

“Just keep going, should be on the corner, a few minutes or so” Clara instructed doing the old fashioned thing by looking at a map, and not on a mobile. “Lexi…do you think everyone is alive?”

“Who is everyone?” Lexi asked rolling up the road

“Mum, dad, Elettra, Jordan, your friends, our entire family”

Lexi let out a sigh looking at Clara “I’ve no idea, but until I see them…in a different state, they are alive, we stick together” she smiled taking her sisters hand “We will stick together” she reassured her

“And that’s why we are twins” She grinned, before pulling her hand away “look! Petrol station, sure you don’t want me to get out the car with you?” She asked

“No…we both have weapons, garden centres are always filled with usual tools”

“There’s tools like shovels, forks and clippers, but machetes, axes and chainsaws are the next level”

“Lucky for us, they didn’t ask for our ID’s. Think about it, we need useful tools we can use as weapons. This is…like the end of the world, it’s either the dead…or desperate people. We have to protect ourselves, how is a shovel going to protect us?” she asked her sister

“It could bury us a grave each, go into a deep sleep until it’s all over” Lexi looked at her sister and sighed.

“We need to survive Clara. I’m not ready to die yet even if the world is” Turning the steering wheel, Lexi parked up at one of the pumps. Turning off the engine and waiting.

“What are you waiting for?” Clara asked

“Sounds, movements, they may be the walking dead, but they appear to have very good hearing. Just wait a little bit for anything, if anything happens, we drive off and try again later”

Clara nodded at the plan. Looking around, both of them observing for anything, movements in the woods, sounds of moaning.

“How many days has it been?” Clara asked

“I lost count after the first day”

“You think he is alive?”

“Who?” Lexi asked

“You know who, Lexi…”

“Clara…we waited in the apartment for a day or so, if he was alive, he would have come for me. He was below a few floors, I even went to see if he was there when it calmed down, and he wasn’t there. As soon as everything happened, he packed up and left”

“What happens if you come across him?”

“Punch his red neck face in” she sighed climbing out of the car, she closed the door and waited. She then proceeded to the petrol pump.

The sound of a petrol pump becoming unattached from the pump stand alerted everyone. She paused, gazing her green blue eyes around the area. Trees on the other side, beside a road, then on their side a petrol station and a few shops, tall street lamps stood tall, with traffic lights turning from red, amber, green, and then back to amber and red.

They listened for any sounds, moaning, gurgles, anything walking oddly and slow, but nothing appeared for a while. Sighing in relief, she slides the pump nozzle into the petrol hole, waiting for the numbers on the small machine to go back to 0. Someone had used it before, she had no idea how many people, but she would use everything she could.

It had been 4 hours since leaving Oakland Georgia, and their 9 hour journey to Alexandria was a long one. They had to conserve their petrol, no air con, no radio, nothing that could drain it. Luckily she had a Range Rover with a big enough trunk. They had packed enough food and drink to last them a day or so, but they couldn’t eat when they want to, they had to ration it, and they couldn’t eat wily nilly. They had everything they need from food, drink, comfort and weapons, what they could get their hands on.

The dial on the pump machine continued to roll the numbers, until it stopped, meaning the tank was full. Putting the pump back, with a loud click, she stopped again, waited for anything.

“Lexi…we should get more food and drink if it’s in there” Clara pointed to the convenience store right directly beside the petrol pumps.

“Okay stay in the car, we can’t risk it getting stolen”

“Lexi are you kidding! There could be walkers in there, one of you and how many of them inside”

“And someone could steal the car or our supplies, then what? Please too many of us causes noise, I’ll be quick, okay? Get in the driver’s seat, turn the car, so if I need to run, I can climb straight in” Clara was hesitant but nodded in agreement. Feeling around her jeans, she felt the two machete blades hanging off the belt she managed to grab in the garden centre. She then grabbed an empty ruck sack. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door quietly, the sound of the ding echoed the store. She stood still, listening out, but nothing. Grabbing the door stopper, she placed it under the door, so she had an easier escape. Looking around, she opened the bag and started grabbing essentials. Mostly water, fruit, energy bars, anything they could keep them going.

But something was wrong. She felt a presence. It wasn’t the dead, it didn’t smell dead, and it wasn’t moaning.

“Don’t scream” the voice broke out.

“Why would I scream unless you’re planning to either kill me or have your way with me. My advice would be to step back and allow me to stand up to see your face” she spoke, her heart beating fast. She may appear to be strong willed, but she was still scared out of her wit.

“Okay, I’ve stepped back” the male voice spoke, after his boots stopped walking.

Lexi stood up and turned around facing the man. Blonde hair to the length of his shoulders, clothing covered in dirt.

“What’s your name?” He asked

“Lexi, and yours?”

“Dwight…I saw you have a car, and supplies”

“Yeah, so?”

“Mind sharing?”

“Think I’m stupid? When you have the chance you are going to drive off with our car, with our food, water and weapons. I don’t think so”

“I am not the kind to do that. Look…I have a group, we have made a small camp in the woods, for now. This area is pretty quiet, we haven’t seen walkers for a while. Please. Come to my group, we can provide you company”

“You provide me and my sister company? And let me guess, you have half of our supplies?”

“We are just trying to survive, the best way to survive is to stick together, if you decided you want to leave, along with your supplies, we won’t stop you. We are trying to find a safe place to survive, the more numbers we have the more chance of surviving together”

“Dwight?” A female whisper called out. Dwight turned around and widened his eyes

“Sherry I told you to stay with the group”

“I got worried” the brunette spoke out. She then suddenly froze, as the head of an axe sat on her shoulder. “Dwight” Panic arose in her tone. Sherry held her hands up, while Dwight turned around, and Lexi peered over her shoulder seeing her sister holding the axe to the woman’s side of the neck.

“Clara, put it down” Lexi ordered

“I thought it was suspicious that someone went into the store. Where did the blonde come from?”

“I was already in the store, on the other side. I came to convince your friend to join our group, maybe my wife can persuade you?”

“She’s my sister, let’s see if your wife can. Clara drop the axe” Clara nodded and dropped the axe.

“My husband has a group in the woods, it’s clear out there, we have a few people, but we are running out of supplies, we just want to survive”

“How do we know you’re not a group of liars, tempting people into joining their group then killing them for their supplies?”

“Then we would have to deal with you coming back from the dead. It’s not worth it. It’s all about numbers…if you want to leave you can”

“Funny…that’s what you’re husband said, reading a script?” Lexi asked

“Can’t you just trust us?”

“I have trust issues because of men” Lexi told them before looking at Clara. It was all about taking a chance. Either they would be telling the truth or it wouldn’t end well. “We will go with you, make one bad move and we won’t hesitate to hurt you both” she warned them.

Both Sherry and Dwight nodded.

“Grab as much as you can” Dwight said. Clara walked back to the car starting the engine while the 3 of them grabbed everything they could, Dwight grabbing a small blue box, and shoving it in his pocket. Should she grab herself one? Just in case? She could meet someone new, fall in love, all that shebang. As Dwight turned the corner, she grabbed 2 boxes, one for each sister. Soon they all left, getting into the car and driving just a few minutes until Dwight told Clara to stop driving.

“In those woods? What about the car?”

“You can bring it, there is a clearing, the space we found is near water, follow that path, cars have been through there plenty of times” Dwight told them, Clara nodded and drove on, following the path, until she finally stopped, seeing 1 more car and a few people. Climbing out, she looked around seeing the few survivors.

“This is Clara and Lexi, sisters. They have agreed to share their supplies to a small extent and I ask please do not take things out of their car. Their property, please respect it” Dwight announced.

The people nodded before greeting the girls.

“Did you girls bring a tent?” he asked

“No, we have a car, we can sleep in there, as long no one decides to put the handbreak down as we sleep”

“We aren’t monsters” he added “we are planning to make a move in the next few days to somewhere new”

“Sounds like a plan, no point in staying if others are out there”

“Exactly…enjoy” Dwight nodded and walked off.

“I guess our new life starts now” Clara mumbled

“It’s a start you’re right about that, let’s get settled in” Lexi hugged her as they walked to the car.


A day had passed and the girls managed to settle in. They managed to ration out supplies, making sure people don’t drink too much or eat too much when they didn’t need it. They handed out small weapons to being with, like hand tools, anything that could go through a walkers head.

Night had fallen, and this was the most critical time of day, it was dark, walkers could be heard but not seen.

“Where’s Dwight and his men gone?” Clara asked handing out some candles to the women.

“He likes to go through the woods to check to see if anyone is out there, or if he spots anything, people tend to head for the woods, its quiet, away from the streets and the noise. Someone could be in trouble in the woods, he wants to help” Sherry explained “He went out yesterday after discovering there was a petrol station, when there is a petrol station, usually there is supplies. That’s when he found you. So he likes to make sure he hasn’t missed anything before we move. Let’s say he is grateful he went out yesterday, he found more useful people and supplies”

“We are useful?” Lexi asked

“From what I saw, you’re strong willed, don’t take no ****, and your sister is protective”

“It’s a twin thing” Clara grinned lighting the candles

“Twins?” Sherry asked confused looking at both girls

“Fraternal, meaning not identical. We share a few things, but not completly the same” Lexi explained.

Suddenly the sound of twigs snapping in the woods, caused everyone to pause and listen.

“Don’t shoot, just us” Dwight called out. “We found someone, only one” Dwight came out of the woods, with a man beside him, wearing a leather jacket holding a baseball bat. “He was by himself, hasn’t seen anyone, so the area must be clear” Dwight explained grabbing a bottle of water and handing it to the new man.

“What’s your name?” Sherry asked

“Negan” his southern accent falling out, as he twisted the cap off the bottle and took a few sips. Lexi’s eyes going straight to his brown ones. He noticed her gaze, giving a polite nod.

“Negan, this is my wife Sherry…” he went on introducing everyone “And these girls arrived yesterday, Lexi and Clara, pointing to them each”

“Nice to meet you” Lexi smiled

“Pleasure’s all mine ma’am”

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