The First Landing

By @alexandriadalley

The First Landing

By @alexandriadalley

This is a science fiction piece about the first moon landing and what took place.

Inspired by:

Chapter 1

I never thought this day would come, I was so anxious and excited but terrified at the same time. I’ve waited 7 long months for this day to come and it is now finally here. I got all my things together last night in anticipation for the day ahead, I grabbed all of my belongings and headed into work, as soon as I walked in everyone was rushing around the building making sure everything was properly checked and we were all set for take off. When I approached my locker, Buzz and Michael, were there waiting for me to change and get ready to go. I slipped on my white rubber boots over my puffy white pants, I said one final prayer and brushed my fingers through my blonde hair grabbing my helmet, I knew I was ready.

Walking past the glass windows I was stunned to see the thousands of people surrounding the space center waiting to see us take off, we turned on the news and heard how many people had drove in just to see us take off. After this, I knew I was ready to explore the unknown. Everyone in the space center gathered all together and we prayed and said our farewells as we gathered our things to aboard Apollo 11, my heart began to beat faster and faster and the butterflies in my stomach began to become more known as I felt the engines start up and the count down from the command center. Finally, at 9:32 am Apollo 11 had successfully cleared the tower and was headed into orbit.

I clenched tightly to my seat as we took off, we had gone through months of training but this was not even comparable to training. After what felt like hours, command had notified us that we had entered into Earth’s orbit. I looked out the tiny window and was astonished at what I was seeing, we were the very first people to be going into space let alone to the moon, I was so excited to be able to show and tell everyone what it was like in space. As we began to go through Earth’s orbit, I started to take notes of what I was seeing, space is very hard to describe.

“Hey Buzz, help me out here, how would you describe what space looks like?”

Buzz looked out the window and said “ It is weird, it is beautiful but scary at the same time, it is like a sea of nothingness” he said.

Michael chimed in and said “ This is the oddest yet most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen”. It was like a black sea filled with rocks and craters, the sun was a beautiful beaming golden yellow. The planets were the coolest thing I saw up there, they were beaming in color, i’ve never seen anything like this before!

Before we left for this mission, we were required to live in a space similar to the size of Apollo 11, but I’ll admit I was starting to get cabin fever and was just ready to get out and explore. Going on day 3 in space, command told us that we had finally entered into lunar orbit and that we would soon need to prepare to land. The following day, Michael and I climbed into Eagle, the lunar module, and started our descent down to the moon. When we were a few feet away from landing, all of a sudden the lights inside the Eagle started flashing red and alarms started to sound, we lost all contact with command.

After a few minutes we had calmed down and were able to land, I couldn’t believe it, we were about to walk on the moon. As I climbed down the stairs of the Eagle, I yelled aloud with excitement “This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!”. As I walked around some more, I kept feeling like someone was there watching us. I called over to Michael and asked if he saw anything else around us, I was starting to get a very erie feeling but we went about our business collecting samples and taking pictures. We grabbed the American Flag and went to place it in a crater on the moon when I saw what looked to be tiny eyes starting at us from a far.

“Michael, do you see that off in the distance?” I asked.

“Yeah I do, what is that?’ he asked

Suddenly hundreds of little creatures were surrounding us, I looked around in a panic trying to decide what to do. We still had no contact with command and the creatures had surrounded the Eagle so we had no way to escape. They were trying to communicate with us but we couldn’t understand what they were saying. Suddenly one of the creatures shoved its way to the front of the circle and approached us. The creature was oddly small, it was purple and had 4 eyes and 2 mouths. This creature was very strange, it was almost like the creature was speaking in different sounds out of each mouth.

“I am Marvin” said the creature, “You have invaded our home on our land!”

The creatures started to move in closer circling us in, we were trapped. The creatures swiftly began to come after us, Michael and I were forced to split up to get away from the creatures, they were yelling and hitting us as we promptly leapt away. We both escaped from the creatures and were able to fight off the creatures that surrounded our ship, we took one final look around and took off back to the ship to return back to earth.

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