The Fire Amulet's Secret

By @hbndrock
The Fire Amulet's Secret

An amulet with unknown abilities. And the girl to whom it belongs. ~~~ Serefina is a girl of noble blood. Her parents died the day she turned 17 in an accident for which she is the cause. All she was left with was a mysterious amulet, and a kingdom crumbling down around her. With her enemies on the hunt, Serefina escapes with her loyal bodyguard who knows what she doesn't, and can do what she can't. Promising her that he can help her unlock the amulet's mysterious powers and herself

Chapter 2

Serefina - 1

“Lady Serefina, please wait!”

I heard Margarette, my maid, call out to me. I didn’t look back, I didn’t stop running. Whenever I did this, I knew I would be caught. I always was. It was just a matter of when and where.

“Just a few more feet,” I thought. I saw the light at the end of this dark, dreary hallway. “A couple more steps.” I burst through the heavy oak door and into the bright sunlight.

I grinned; I made it out this time. But where would I hide? Mama and Papa were having company in the garden, so if I went to hide in the garden, they would surely scold me and send me back to my tutor. So I looked around some more. What my eyes landed on made me grin once more.

Dashing to the stables, I decided to hide in the hayloft. They wouldn’t find me there. To get there, I would have to cross in front of the garden on a stretch of land with little cover. I ran as swiftly as I could, so as not to be noticed by Mama or Papa. I burst through the stable door, surprising several horses, and scurried up the loft to hide in the hay.

I was barely settled when someone alerted me to their presence. “Hello,” a voice startled me. I looked down to find a boy around my age with long, messy black hair and an olive complexion.

“Shut it. They’re going to notice me if you look like you’re talking to someone who’s not there.” I scowled at the boy.

“Who’s looking for you?” he wanted to know.

I scowled some more, wishing he would just shut up already. “If you really must know, a maid and some others,” I replied. “Now shut up already or climb up here if you insist on talking to me.” To my surprise, he actually did. He laid down next to me and spoke, “Does that mean you’re Lady Serefina?”

“Lady Serefina!” I heard Margarette call my name again. “Lady Serefina, if you don’t come out this instant, I… I’ll go and get your father! You know how he hates it when his work is interrupted. Ooohhh. Where is that troublesome girl? Once I get my hands on her…”

“Miss Serefina, come out this instant. You put Miss Margarette through enough trouble as it is.” I heard a new voice say.

“Shoot,” I muttered. They just had to get Tom. He was the new butler, and he didn’t play around.

In the corner of my eye, I saw the boy’s face. It was turning red. I peered at him from beneath the hay. ‘What’s so funny?” I whispered. He looked at me and covered his mouth.

“Hahaha!” He let out a very loud laugh, making me jump once more

“Shh,” I fussed, worried about Tom and Margarette hearing it and coming to investigate. But it was too late.

“Miss Serefina!”

“Lady Serefina! I’ve found you. You come down here right now. It isn’t safe up there,” Margarette scolded.

“Shoot!” I muttered again. I glared at the boy who was laughing so hard, he was crying.

I scampered down the ladder. The boy followed and grinned at me. “Sorry miss. It was just so funny. You don’t usually see this sort of thing from where I come from. It’s like you were playing an unusual game of hide-n-seek.”

“Unusual indeed,” Tom declared dryly. He looked at the strange boy and smiled. “Thank you, Brooks. You were most helpful today.”

The boy, Brooks, smiled. “No thanks necessary sir. I’m glad to be of service.” Facing me, he bowed. “Until we meet again, Lady Serefina.” He left the stables, leaving me staring after him thinking, “Who on earth was he?”

From that day on, every time I tried to escape, he was right there, waiting for me no matter where I was.

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