The Dream That Never Ends

By @Elijah061225

The Dream That Never Ends

By @Elijah061225

About a Crazy

Chapter 1


One silent night I was sitting next to a swampy cold lake on a deck. When all the sudden i heard something pop up out of the lake it sounded like a rock hit the water heard branches breaking in the back round which made me run even faster. I remembered in the scary movies they always fall and boom as my face hit the hard soily ground. I felt something squishy as I turned around I notitripped on a soggy taco that was about 3 weeks old. As the ped me i curled up in a ball. As I woke up still laying at the deck my mind was blank and I felt light headed.

Then as i turned around. My heart stopped I actually saw a 5$ Taco Bell big box next to me. They taco gods were trying to give me a sign. I had a flashback of the hockey mhe same thing was happening. The only thing I had was a supreme taco and a crispy taco. So here goes nothing I got the crispy taco and took my best shot at his head. Then the scariest thing went down.The dude behind the mask caught the taco in his mouth and merged into the foggy water as if it was another lake night.

Later that night I had took my flight back home. I had finally arrived home when i stepped on something moist on my carpet it had a feeling like old paint or playdough. I looked at my dog and he looked right back as if he knew what there was. I automatically thought poop as i picked up the rug a pasty smell slapped me. It smelled like old people home I opennd my eyes to find a dirty taco as I looked at it for a minute I saw a hockey mask logo on it. BOOOM!? I took off so fast not even the flash could catch me I turned around to see my dog pooping as I was shook.

If it doesn’t get worse a rhino came out the roof but luckily I forgot to put the cheese up in the fridge. The rhino got slapped and i automatically assumed I was dead as i the soul tooken out of me. I was still laying down at the lack when i woke up. This was the worse dream i ever had it was a dream inside a dream like how that possible

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