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The Dragon of No Shape(Updated)

By @DumaMoyo

Chapter 1

Patrol. It was something I did on a daily basis now, after finding and saving a dragon lost here about to suffer a cruel, merciless death to one of the beasts roaming the Toxin Jungle. I helped the poor soul across the jungle and to his destination, all the while completely unaware of my presence. He did thank me, in a way. He thanked ‘whatever kind being that decided to spare his life.’ His words. I was currently cloaked, easily slipping past the awful beasts looking for their next victim. As I got closer to the border of the jungle, I heard furious wing beats and shouts coming closer. I closed my eyes, reaching out with my ‘abilities,’ and saw three dragonets, around my age, flying desperately towards the border, away from several city and royal guards alike. They looked terrified, and from a brief glance into their minds I knew that I had to help them. I opened my eyes again and flew quickly to the border the dragonets were aproaching. I hovered for a moment, waiting for them to come into earshot, before calling out to them.

“Hey! Over here!” The dragon at the front, a large red Flame dragon, noticed me first. He had matte black flame patterns running down both sides of his body from behind his black horns to the tip of his tail. His underbelly and underwings were a bright yellow, and his eyes shown gold. I heard him call to the others before looking for me. I reversed my cloaking, showing my jade colored scales and brightly flashing undersides. He spotted me right away and flew right for me. As they got closer, I turned back to the jungle, getting ready to lead the way. When I was sure they’d be able to keep sight of me I started forward into the tightly spaced trees. I could hear the soldiers yelling furiously but knew that they wouldn’t follow us in. We kept flying for several minutes before I heard a voice again.

“Wait! Dragon! Slow down!” I glanced back at the three dragonets and saw them falling behind, so I slowed down and lead them to a nearby clearing. As I landed, I moved out of the way so that the others could do the same. They all plopped down in relief, panting and gasping for air. The first to recover was a green Skyrest dragon, with darker, olive green horns and undersides. Her eyes were a shocking orange color, popping out from the rest of her green body.

“Thank you, stranger.” She said, dipping her head in greeting and appreciation to me. I nodded in response, still weary. I’d never shown myself to another dragon before, so I kept my distance for now. “My name is Everest, and this is Pyro and Galaxy.” She continued, pointing first at the Flame dragon and then at the third dragonet. She was a Camyro dragon, with deep blue scales and an almost black underbelly with random different colored scales sparkling against the black. It almost looked like a galaxy, which I guessed is why that was her name. “What is your name?” Everest asked.

“. . .M-my name is Emerald…” I replied, stuttering slightly. I was still weary of these dragons, and wasn’t used to speaking to others.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Emerald.” Everest said with a smile as Pyro and Galaxy finally recovered and came to stand on either side of her. This made me more nervous. If they wanted to, they could easily overpower me. After all, I only have so much energy, and there are three of them and one of me.

“Y-yes, the pleasure is all mine…” I mumbled, trying my hardest to contain my uneasiness.

“So.” Pyro’s sudden voice almost made me jump, but I barely controlled my reaction. “Do you mind if I ask why you’re so nervous?” This made my heart stop. My fear must have shown on my face, because their eyes widened in surprise. “Hey, I didn’t mean to scare you more! I was just trying to understand why.” He said quickly, relaxing his once tense stance from when he’d stood next to Everest.

“. . .I-I just haven’t really…spoken to other dragons before…e-ever…” I replied hesitantly, looking away.

“Really?!” Galaxy asked, shocked. “Then how do you know how to speak? What about your parents?” She asked, unknowingly hitting a nerve. I flinched at the mention of my parents, but answered anyway.

“I have a-abilities that allow me to know certain things – for a price, of course…and I never met my p-parents…I was born here, and I’ve lived by myself all my life…” I said, trying to mask all the emotions I was feeling but failing when I said the word ‘parents’.

“How old are you? You look around our age.” Pyro said, obviously changing the subject but I was grateful for it.

“I’m 15 years old.” I replied, the first time speaking to them without stuttering.

“Wow! So you are the same age as us! Except for Everest, she’s 16.” Galaxy pointed out, and I realised that Pyro was watching me intently, almost like a glare.

“Um…I don’t want to make you mad or anything, or set you off, but…you can stop faking being nice to me…what do you want?” I asked carefully, because if I did make Pyro mad he might attack me, and that’s the last thing I want. If I had to fight him, most likely he was stronger than me, so the only way I’d be able to beat him would be to use my powers, which include shapeshifting, reading minds, shifting colors, and visiting the Void. ‘Whatever that means…’

“Alright, you’re smarter than most dragons, I’ll admit that.” Pyro said, his tone immediately changing. “I don’t trust you. And the fact that you’ve supposedly survived this long here by yourself means that you shouldn’t be afraid of us. In fact, I’m surprised you even helped us, because if you are helping us just to help us that makes you a fugitive along with us.” He stated matter-of-factly.

“I guess I would be a fugitive…if anyone knew I existed.” I countered. “As I said before, I’ve never interacted with other dragons before, so no one knows that I exist except you three.”

“If we’re the only dragons that know you exist, then what are you going to do us now that we know?” Pyro challenged. “Not to mention the fact that you told us that you have abilities that allow you to know whatever you want.” He added.

“I’m not going to do anything to you! And I can’t just ask a question and magically know the answer! It takes a lot of energy, and I have to sleep for an hour to gain that energy back!” I snapped, then let out a small gasp and covered my mouth when I realized what I said. Pyro raised an eyebrow at my reaction, then took a step towards me. It took a lot for me to stand my ground, but I lowered my talons and glowered at the larger dragon.

“You know, I don’t think you’re telling us the whole truth. You can do more than just ask questions, can’t you?” He asked, taking another threatening step towards me.

“PYRO!” Everest’s voice, loud and commanding, made Pyro jump. “Step away from her. Right. Now.” She told him with a glare. He muttered something under his breath and stood next to Galaxy as Everest stepped forward. I watched her movements warily, thinking of every possible way I could defend myself if she or the others attacked. “I’m so sorry, Emerald. Pyro has some trust issues.” She told me, making me glance at him again. Knowing this, I re-assesed him, and found that his ‘malice’ had really been mistrust.

“It’s alright, to be fair, I don’t necessarily trust you all either. No offense.” I added as I looked back to Everest, checking for any signs of annoyance or anger, but found none.

“None taken, especially after Pyro’s behavior.” Everest replied coolly, smiling all the while. “How did you know we were here? Was it a coincidence, or did your powers help you with that too?” She asked.

“I go on patrol everyday, cloaked, to find and help anyone stranded in the Toxin Jungle. I happened to be passing by when I heard you, and reached out with my powers to see what the fuss was about. The reason I knew you all weren’t bad dragons who deserved to be caught was because I read your minds.” I replied, pausing for a moment. “So, I guess both?” When I saw the shocked looks on their faces I inwardly shriveld. “Um…would you like me to give you Secro Stones…?” I asked uncertainly, nervous all over again.

“Hold up! You read our minds?!” Pyro exploded, and that made me flinch. “And what the heck is a ‘Secro Stone’?!”

“Y-yes, I did…and a Secro Stone is a rare, special stone that blocks mind readers. Believe it or not, I’m not the only one who can read minds.” I replied.

“Oh…wait, how do you know that there are other mind readers? Is that your powers too?” He asked, a bit more contained now. “And yes, I personally would like a Secro Stone.” He added almost sheepishly. Almost.

“I can make you a Secro Stone now! And I know because of my powers, yes.” I told him, but hesitated for a moment. ‘If I do this, then it’ll cause me major energy loss. There’s no way I’d be able to fight them.

“Uh, hello?” Pyro’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts and I looked at him in confusion. “You zoned out there for a few seconds. Are you really able to make Secro Stones?” He asked, looking at me with annoyance. But behind the annoyance, I found small traces of…concern?

“Oh! I’m sorry, I was just debating the risks…I’ll make them now.” He raised a brow at the word ‘risks’ but said nothing. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, before beginning my transformation.

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  1. Sofiya Aiman

    Aug 8, 2021

    Wow! I love this story! Please make more!

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    1. DumaMoyo

      Sep 9, 2021

      Thanks! I’m working on the chapters, I’ll upload as soon as possible!

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      0 Replies Sep 9, 2021
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