Snippets by Ebony

By @ivory-and-ebony

Snippets by Ebony

By @ivory-and-ebony

This is not supposed to be a complete story. It is merely a snippet; a wisp of thought captured briefly. It is not complete, nor is it supposed to be.

Chapter 1

The Dragon

“There’s nothing wrong with a dragon,” Ihlya said calmly, “It’s just that, well–”

She looked at Jira’s puppy-eyed face, pleading silently. “It’s only a baby,” Jira said, holding the green dragon protectively.

Ihlya sighed. “Well–look, we can’t possibly feed a dragon…”

Jira just looked at her, and repeated, “It’s only a baby. Look how cute it is!”

It is very cute, Ihlya thought as she stared into the dragon’s mesmerizing emerald eyes.

“Let’s keep it, fine,” she sighed. Maybe keeping a dragon was alright. Maybe they’d be fine.

Ihlya went off to the Mystics to get the dragon registered.

She returned to see their house a smoking, blackened wreck.

“Oops,” Jira said. “I forgot we had a wooden house.”

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