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The Door

By @Jason_Salvic

Drifting in the wind, drained autumn leaves danced in the air. It had been five years since Mason Wrindlebeck had left home for college. Mason had been pursuing the career path of a scientist. 

“a very suiting career” anybody who knew Mason would say with a reminiscent nod. You see Mason was well known for being stubborn, he was a somewhat stubborn boy who was trapped in his own mind. No one really knew what was going through Mason’s mind nor did anybody really want to know, but he always seemed so deep in thought.

Now, Mason after his five year trip was arriving to his newly purchased house. The house was a recently renovated house, A fresh coat of white paint, new appliances, five bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. Overall it was a perfect home for an eager Mason, so ready to start his new life. A fresh start, so it seemed.

All seemed well, everything met Mason’s expectations, all of the appliances worked just fine, their wasn’t any sign of rodents or other pests roaming around, and tearing apart the house. Overall all seemed fine to Mason, but there was one small thing that caught Mason’s attention, a small door that laid within the wall of the basement. It didn’t seem to be well planned out, it sat deep in the cement wall, the wall around the door was rough and crude as if someone had suddenly decided to just attack the wall with a hammer or something. What made the door strange was the fact that it was locked, not by the outside, but instead on the inside. No matter how hard Mason tried, he couldn’t get the door to budge, not even an inch. Not wanting to cause any damage to his new home, Mason gave up on opening the door. But his mind had not, his mind would race on what could be on the other side of the door.

` “What could it be?” he would mutter to himself as he looked at the wooden door from the steps of the basement. For some reason the door seemed familiar, almost as if he had seen it before.

Snapping him from his deep train of thought, a creak of an old knob. Slowly twisting to the right then to the left, the golden knob of the door twisted and turned but the door didn’t move and the knob slowly settled down.

“D-did it just move?” Mason mumbled as he gawked at the door, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Thousands of thoughts raced through his mind what could be behind the door, was it just the wind, was there something behind that door. Mason had to know, but how? He had no tools, the nearest town was an hour drive from his home, and the owners would be of no help they had disappeared off the map. Some say they went to Alaska to live on the frontier or something like that, but no one really knew what exactly happened to them. Were they the ones behind the door? Leaping from his seat on the wooden steps, Mason bounded to the door, nearly smashing himself into the wall. Going to a knee he knocked with all his might on the door, thump, thump! There was no response. Thump, thump! He knocked once more his hand red from knocking.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” He yelled. Sitting in silence he waited for a response but none came. Was his eyes playing tricks on him, Did the knob even move?

“I’m going to get help!”. He said as he leapt up from his seat on the basement stairs, and darted up the basement stairs.

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