The Deadzone

By @WeaversWatch

The Deadzone

By @WeaversWatch

After all the world governments fell, corporations were left to rule, and one had taken over most of America. Amazon, having taken control of most of the continent has expanded their drone fleet to cover the entire continent, but as rebellions started rising up Amazon began to arm their drones, and now gargantuan drone carriers prowl the landscape, bringing fifteen-minute delivery on orders over $50 to everyone while also protecting the civilians from the new rise of package piracy.

Chapter 1

“Alright, boys” he lays the map down on to the table “Amazon’s Drone Carrier will be over the canyon at 0800 hours, we have around a twenty-minute window to strike its main facilities before it re-engages its shields and evacuates”. He drew a line across the map from the X that marked the airfield to the Droneship location, “you all realize how many have tried this before right? Nobody survives those cannons” another voice from the table spoke. “Yes Arvine, but the cannons can’t reach this far out, the ship will have to rely on its onboard defenses and escort drones”.

“Ok but the escort drones are armed to the teeth, our fighters won’t have a chance!”. Colton slams his fist onto the table “are you in or not Arvine?”, Arvine sighs and rubs his temples “fine, but if we die, our blood is on your hands, Colton”. Colton steers away from the subject and goes back to the map “alright, so after we take off in the Galleon, I want everybody ready to deploy with minimum notice, the galleon can’t take much of a beating from the ship, and we need it out there for as long as possible”. “Arvine, I want you on escort duty for the recovery flight, Crosley and Sydney, you two are with me, and Wheeler, I need you to do your thing on the galleon.

“Aye Aye Captain” they all spoke out in unison and headed to their stations to prepare for the day to come. If they succeeded, this would be the largest heist of an Amazon drone fleet ever pulled off, nobody had survived Bezos’s fury, but nobody had known about the deadzone either. Normally a Drone carrier has several escort drones armed with missiles, guns, everything they could reasonably attach to one while allowing it to fly. They were also covered by the umbrella stations, Amazon outposts throughout the world that housed heavy artillery and radar that tracked all threats to the carriers. But in the middle of the Sonoran desert, there was a canyon that the ships had to pass through that couldn’t receive coverage from the Umbrella.

The next day began with the blaring of alarms, a red alert all throughout the facility, The galleon had begun to take off Followed by pirates looking to scrape up the remains of the downed carrier. The galleon, a terrifying flying fortress, was a magnificent sight to behold, it’s many large-caliber guns and launch racks outfitted for small fighters or long-range guided missiles were truly a sight to behold. With the roar of its engines and the cheers of all those on board and beside it, the Galleon was up and off the ground, set for the deadzone.

Nestled between rocks, out of sight and starved for action, the crew waited. They had set up sensor mines further up in the canyon that would trigger when the carrier got to a certain point, they were more prepared than they had ever been. Suddenly a faint buzz echoed throughout the canyon and all became silent. The buzz got louder and louder until the sound of a large explosion rang out, that was their cue. The roar of a hundred engines ran side by side with war drums that could shake the bones of any man or beast, and the screams of pirates echoed through the canyon walls.

The carrier’s escorts formed a thick wall with their chassis, and in complete unison aimed their weapons toward the inlet of the canyon. The many fighters and interceptor’s crewed by the bloodthirsty pirates weaved through the canyon, dodging boulders and bullets alike, while the heavier attack craft hovered above the carrier, unseen and unheard until they let loose a torrent of blazing lead and steel upon the wall of drones. The makeshift wall was no match for the fury and hunger of the assailants and was quickly torn to shreds, and the fighters were let through as the carrier tried to recover from the blow it had received from the planted charges. The Galleon rose above the rocks, “battle stations! Wheeler, get on it!” Colton commanded. 

Wheeler began typing away at his station “make sure those ******** out there know to back away if they don’t want to get caught in the wave”, “if they don’t remember then that’s their own problem” Colton replied. The carrier finally recovered and started to back out of the deadzone as its shields consumed a hail of bullets from the pirates without wavering. Wheeler moved stations and sat at a console “load it, now” he demanded. Colton pressed a few buttons and a few clunks were heard underneath the bridge “it’s ready, fire when you have a shot”. More explosions rang out through the canyon and rocks began to fall behind and on to the carrier in an effort to trap it, this was the most resistance one had ever faced.

“Eat this you ********** Wheeler shouted as he fired a torpedo at the behemoth, it streaked through the air with a blue tip and the phrase “Shocking, isn’t it?” emblazoned on the side. The torpedo flew through the shields of the beast and smacked into the hull, seconds later a blue light was seen coming from the midsection accompanied by the dropping of the shields and deactivation of most onboard systems, allowing access to the superstructure. Fighters from all groups flew in and began attacking its remaining defenses, while a few pirates boarded the vessel and began recovering valuables and supplies. 

The Galleon deployed its own recovery ships that boarded the vessel, beginning to transfer valuables and supplies into their hulls. “We have fifteen minutes left, get everything you can and plant the charges” Wheeler informed the groups. Fighters and heavy gunships began to pick off any stragglers and drones attempting to escape, while the Galleons crew sorted out logistics and picked some off themselves. “Five minutes, hurry it up in there!” Wheeler reminded them once again. The separate groups began to pull out and were soon followed by the Galleon’s ships, the carrier began to reboot its systems and had the shield back up within minutes.

“Lambada one, is everyone out?” Colton asked over the radio, “Lambada one here, everyone is out and we got as much as we could fit into our cargo bays, you want us to give her our regards?”. “Roger that Lambada one, lay her to rest”. A series of red and yellow flashes could be seen coming from the underside of the carrier, the shields came down once again and the beast began to fall to the ground, the engines whirring to a halt and the lights flickering off. Soon the rest of the ship was engulfed in fire and explosions, and the carrier fell to its final resting place. The crews all cheered and blared their horns in excitement, they had just cut down a Drone Carrier, a feat never before accomplished.

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