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The Daughter of Balance: The Tale of Princess Yue (Book Two: The Search Begins)

By @Eeveelover34

Chapter Seven

“It’s a girl!”

Zuko and Katara were officially parents. Katara held their daughter in her arms, overcome with joy. Sokka, Suki, and Tonraq were on their way. Toph and Aang, who were parents of twins now, would be there in a few weeks. “Hey, little turtle-duck,” said Zuko. “Welcome to the world,” added Katara. When the Firelord and Firelady found out their firstborn was a girl, there was one problem-they didn’t know what to name her! As they were thinking of names the next day, Sokka and Suki arrived. “Soooooooo,” said Sokka. “Where’s my niece?” Zuko and Katara just laughed at him. “Aww, she’s so cute!” Suki had to say. Tonraq just giggled since he was just learning how to talk. “Have you decided on a name yet?” asked Ursa. “Not really,” replied Katara. “But we’re running around either Iris or Yue.” When Sokka heard “Yue,” tears of sadness and joy started streaming from his eyes. “She would be so happy,” Eventually, Zuko and Katara did decide on Yue. Princess Yue of the Fire Nation. You never would have guessed that she was named after the princess of an enemy nation who became the Moon Spirit. But they liked Yue, so Yue it was.

As time went on, Yue and Tonraq became the best of friends. Tonraq became a skilled Waterbender, but Yue couldn’t bend yet. “It’s probably just a phase,” said Aang. “That, or she’s a non-bender.” Aang was proven wrong two seconds later. He started jolting, his arm bent the wrong way, and there was an expression of pain on his face. Katara and Zuko were confused and scared. Then, they saw Yue. She gripped her fist tightly. It was evident that she didn’t know what she was doing, because she wasn’t facing her victim. “Yue, stop!” said Katara. “Huh?” Yue was confused. She released her grip. And Aang choked of air. It was clear. Yue couldn’t bend normal water. But she could bend something else.


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