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The Daughter of Balance: The Tale of Princess Yue (Book Two: The Search Begins)

By @Eeveelover34

Chapter Six

Tonraq and Yue headed to Ba Sing Se to find Ala and Laeo Beifong. Tonraq looked over at his cousin. If they weren’t related, he definitely would be in love with her for some reason. But he pushed the thought aside. He had other things to focus on. Like the fact that he and Yue were literally running at the bottom of the ocean! He used his Waterbending to push the sea away. His arms were exhausted. Yue spotted a nearby small island. They could rest there.

Ala and Laeo lived with their parents, Avatar Aang and Police Chief Toph. They were onlder than Yue, but younger than Tonraq. It was funny that their mother became the chief of police-she once had a love for breaking rules. At first, Yue’s mother and Toph didn;t exactly get along because of her tomboyish personality. But, soon, they were able to see eye to eye, especially when, as a gift for her wedding, Katara unintentionally cured Toph’s blindness. Her first thought was, “Wow, I see why you chose Sparky over Twinkle Toes.” Sparky was her nickname for Zuko, and Twinkle Toes was her nickname for Aang. She had nicknames forall of the group. For instance, Tonraq’s mother, Suki, was “Fangirl,” his father, Sokka, was “Captain Boomerang,” and Katara was “Sugar Queen.” Occasionally, Toph would call Zuko “Spice King” to match. But she sometimes called them “Momtara and Dadko,” since they were the quote-unquote, “parents” of the group. Ala was an Earthbender while Laeo was and Airbender. Probably the only one who didn’t wear the traditional monk attire. He said he could flow better wearing Earthbender clothes. Ala just laughed.

When Tonraq and Yue arrived. Laeo and Ala were, surprisingly, sitting around with nothing to do. They walked up to them, noticing their bored expressions. They were behaving like zombies. “Uuggghhhhh…” said Laeo. “Alllaaaaaa… When will Mom and Dad let us roam around again?” Ala shrugged. “When they capture the fugitives, I suppose,” she replied. “Yue! Tonraq!” She jumped up and hugged them. “What are you doing here?” “Funny you should ask,” said Yue.

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