The Darkness in the Light

By @OCursed1
The Darkness in the Light

Cleona, a young dark faerie, is tired. Tired of the war that took away her innocent childhood, tired of all the unnecessary fighting. And so, she decides to fight a battle between herself and her sworn enemy to determine the winner of the war. But, the battle takes an unexpected turn, revealing that she and the enemy are mates. Unfortunately, she must team up with her mate in order to defeat the rising darkness. If she can't overcome her hated for him, the world would suffer.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

The sun glistened upon her sword as Cleona walked confidently into the large circle of both hers and King Micah’s soilders. “Today was going to be the day that this three year long war came to an end,” she thought fiercely. Just yesterday, her father, King Nikkolas, and her sworn enemy, Micah, agreed that there would be one more battle, only between two people, that would determine the victor of this bloody war. The winner would then get full authority over the losers kingdom. 

Of course, being the leader of her father’s army, she decided to volunteer to represent her country, Lydon. King Micah would be fighting for Arlentia. “I will destroy him,” she thought to herself. “And once I do so, Father will finally be in control of the whole fae world.”

“Are you ready, Princess?” King Micah asked, jerking her out of her thoughts. “It would be nice to start the fight today.”

Looking up, Cleona saw Micah standing a couple of yards away from her. “How did he manage to enter the circle without me noticing?” she thought worriedly. “What’s wrong with me? I’ve got to be more alert.”

Out loud, she said, “Well, I have never met anyone this excited to meet his end.” Micah drew his sword and snarled.

“After I kill you,” he started, angry now, “I’ll make sure your kingdom suffers greatly.” Cleona sighed to herself. This guy had serious anger management issues.

Suddenly, all of the men around them shouted in unison, “To the death!” At that signal, Princess Cleona raised her sword in an offensive position and sprang at Micah. He blocked the sword and slashed his own at her.

Dodging all of his blows, she rained a series of vicious attacks on him, all of which he avoided. The princess threw aside my sword, realizing that sh could not beat him in hand to hand combat.

Summoning her magic, she called upon the dark magic that could be shaped into any type of magic that willed–water, fire, earth(healing), and wind magic. She let it flow through her into every inch of her body. Then, deciding to use fire, she positioned her hands so that her magic could flow freely out of her. After that, Cleona released the dark version of the fire element with a gentle mental push, and fire shout out of her towards Micah.

Just before it hit him though, he brought up a wall water, his magic exactly like hers, save the fact that he was a light faerie and therefore produced pure magic. Although the wall protected him from her fire, it took a lot of energy out of him.

“Idiot,” she thought. He had carelessly used his magic, not taking the time to let it run through his body, resulting in temporary exhaustion. It was just a reaction(something only newbs do), for she was sure he was not expecting a stream of fire that fast, but nevertheless, it was a reaction that had cost him dearly.

While he was momentarily out of breath, for just a split second, she took the opportunity to rush up to him with lightning fast speed and plunge her sword into his heart.

But, before the sword touched him, a shield of energy formed and blocked the blow. The force was so strong that she flew backwards into her crowd of soldiers. A brief pain shot through her, but not from the collision with her soldiers. It was from the telltale effect of the Shield, the legendary force that prevented mated pairs from killing each other.

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