The Curse of The Abraams Manor

By @Bunnygirl13
The Curse of The Abraams Manor

A group of kids on the world's most shocking field trip, get snowed in at the historically infamous manor of the late Abraams family, become shocked when things take a turn for the worst. One by one, by the hour, the people in their party start mysteriously disappearing. And it's up to Terrah and her friends try to figure out what is happening, but they are rapidly running out of time to solve it.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

December 17th, 2020.

“Ugh, I hate field trips,” Jess exclaimed nauseously, she always felt terrible on the bus, yet the bus was barely going 3 miles per hour, so this had to be a new record. Terrah, sitting beside Jess, sighed and closed her eyes, fingering the necklace that she always wore. An effervescent fire opal inlaid with silver on a delicate chain. Inherited from her grandmother 3 years ago, an old family heirloom that’s been with them for generations. Terrah surveyed the bus, obsessing over every detail, as usual. Samantha was gossiping loudly to Ally, who was listening half-heartedly, staring out of the bus window. Jaxon spoke animatedly towards Maxwell – probably about his latest soccer game, and how he yet again scored the winning goal. Poor Max, she noted. Greg, the resident class clown, was about to pull a prank on the old, sour-mouthed Mrs.Hawthorne, by gluing her shoes to the floor. Nate – well, Nate appeared to have spilled the contents of his water bottle all down the front of his shirt. No surprises there. And lastly, Carl and Olive, the two were exchanging shy glances towards one another – Gosh, they were so cute, Terrah thought bashfully. Suddenly, with no warning, the bus stopped, breaking Terrah from her watchful trance.

 “Alright, cupcakes,” began Mrs.Hawthorne, “Let’s get one thing straight. I’m in charge. Therefore, there will be no misbehavior on this trip. That could lead to injury, which could cause me extra paperwork.” She went to take a step and tripped. 


“Dang it Greg!” She howled. Greg simply snickered, pleased to see his work unfold before him. Mrs. Hawthorne brought herself to her feet, strands of hair falling off her slightly disheveled bun. She chastised him for his unruly behavior and excused the rest of the class. As the kids hefted their backpacks and got off the bus they all shivered to the feeling of the cold Virginian winter. It was freezing. And there, standing mere feet away from them, The Abraams Manor. They’ve arrived. 

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