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The BookWorms Alpha

By @ShadowFang17


“I still don’t understand why we’re moving, papa,” I mumbled as I climbed into the passenger’s seat of my father’s car.

It’s a beautiful seafrost green 1968 Camaro with two black racing stripes, still in almost perfect condition. The air conditioner and radio don’t work, but the heater is absolutely amazing.

He said that he wanted to drive this one there instead of his other car which is more suited for driving daily or driving across states.

My father sighed, “A fresh start, besides I got a job offer and it’s much better than the one I have now.”

“But papa-” he cut me off.

“No but’s, young lady, it’s final.” He said sternly, starting up the engine and driving off.

I sighed, sinking into my seat before plugging my earbuds in so I can listen to my music while I read.

I watched as the amount vegetation grew while we drove, hearing my music blasting in my head.

I would be reading right now, but I was only able to bring one book with me in the car, (I have more in the trunk, though). But I’ve already read the book that I brought with me cover to cover

five times.

“We’ll stop at the nearest hotel and stay the night there, okay?” my father suggested after he pulled one of my earbuds out.

“Not like have a choice.” I shrugged.

My father sighed.

“As long as I can switch out books,” I muttered.

“Deal.” My father nodded, a small grin on his face.

“Rei, it’s time to wake up.” I heard my father say, shaking my shoulder gently. “We’re at our new house.”

“When did I even fall asleep?” I yawned, rubbing my eyes and closing my book.

“A couple hours back.” my father answered. “Your room should already have your bed in it already, so go find it and get to sleep. You still have school tomorrow.”

“Okay, father.” I nodded, grabbing my book and going inside to search for my new room.

Oh, joy.

It’s my mortal enemy.


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