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The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit

By @Muzae008

The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit

The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit



Written by E. I. Muza





















For mum, my #1 fan

And my reader, who makes this all worthwhile.
























Chapter 1




Hayleigh-Rae wasn’t like many other children she knew. In comparison to them, she was very nerdy and quite antisocial. Then again, Hayleigh-Rae never wanted to be nerdy or antisocial. It was just how her mind saw the world around her. All her life she had always been known as the small, cute, shy, highly intelligent Welsh ginger-haired girl with an IQ of 174. Her interests had never gone hand in hand with those of her peers.

One of those interests was chess. Hayleigh-Rae had played chess since she was very young – age 3 to be precise. During that time, she had won several awards, some major, others very minor. Despite all this, in addition to lots of praise from the people around her, her modesty and lack of self-confidence never let her believe she was good enough.

One day when she was about eight years old, her coach taught her an opening known as the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, which is an unusual variation of the Queen’s pawn opening. Hayleigh-Rae immediately took a liking to it, and over time she realised she was just like the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, in the sense that no one invested their time on her because she seemed like a waste, but in many ways was very sophisticated.

Despite this, Hayleigh-Rae didn’t care about her social status or the way people viewed her. She didn’t mind that people at school bullied her for being only 4′ 5″. She didn’t mind it when people made fun of her accent. She didn’t even care when people laughed at her for falling over and injuring herself, which was exactly what happened on the final day of term.

It was her school’s inter-house athletics day, otherwise known as sports day. Usually, Hayleigh-Rae wouldn’t compete, but this day was no ordinary day. Hayleigh Rae had been competing in the Surrey U15 Chess Championship, and she was scheduled to challenge the champion, Madeleine Morrison. Unfortunately for her, her mum blackmailed her into competing at sports day by threatening to not take her to the final, meaning she would lose by default. Her mum said she needed to be a team player, but Hayleigh-Rae didn’t see why, or how sports day would help for that matter.

Anyway, she had been selected to do hurdles. She lined herself up with the other runners, she got ready to run, and she leapt out onto the track. She was doing well until she reached the first hurdle. She took a big jump and the next thing she knew; she was on the floor crying in agony with her right arm, which was her dominant arm, bent outwards instead of inwards. Whilst everyone watched and ridiculed her to the edge of Andromeda and back, her mum and two other teachers help her up and took her away.  



Chapter 2




“Now how did this happen darling?” the doctor asked.

“Well,” Her mum said.” She was doing hurdles as part of her sports day, and she tripped on the first hurdle and landed badly on her arm. She says she thinks she’s broken it, but I’m not sure.”

“Is that true?”

Hayleigh-Rae nodded.

“Well, her arm shouldn’t be bending like this so it does look like it may be broken.” The doctor said scratching his chin. “Why don’t we go and get an x-ray on that and see what we can do?”

They all then went to the x-ray room and Hayleigh-Rae carefully placed her arm on the safe board, barely able to restrain her cries of agony. Whilst the doctor and her mum stood patiently behind the Glass screen, Hayleigh-Rae tried her best to keep still whilst the doctor took the picture.

Hayleigh-Rae and her mum then patiently waited as the doctor examined the x-ray. “When did this become my life?” Hayleigh-Rae said to her mum. “I’m missing chess, for a date with a doctor.”

“Well, we need to ensure that you didn’t injure yourself too badly darling.” Her mum responded. “And anyway, there’s always next week.”

“But today is the tournament final,” Hayleigh-Rae said. “It’s me versus Madeleine Morrison. She’s the county champion, and I’ve been meaning to play her for quite some time.”

“And can’t you let it slide. You can always compete next year darling.”

“What do you mean there’s always next year?” Hayleigh-Rae asked. “You can’t just give up. Kurt Angle broke two of his vertebrae before the Olympics, but he still won a gold medal.”

“Yes but, you have plenty of chess trophies. Do you seriously need another one?”

“Does Kazuyoshi Miura need to still play after 30 years? No. He doesn’t need it, but he wanted it. Just like I want to win the finals of the tournament.”

“Fine, we’ll go…”

“Hello guys, sorry for keeping you waiting.” The doctor said as he walked back in. “Now, Hayleigh-Rae. It appears that both bones in your arms have snapped. So, what we’ll do is we’ll put I cast on it, wrap it in a sling and then you can go.”

Hayleigh-Rae’s arm was then wrapped in a cast, placed carefully into a sling and then she was free to go. They got in the car and her mum drove her home so she could change her clothes, and she then took her to the leisure centre. Thankfully, there weren’t massive queues at the hospital, so they managed to arrive on time. She grabbed her bag and they made their way inside.

“There you are Hayleigh.” her friend Meghan said. “What happened to your arm.”

“I broke it whilst trying to jump over a hurdle.” She responded. “Where’s Madeleine.”

“I’m over here,” Madeleine said. “Who are you?”

“I’m Hayleigh-Rae,” Hayleigh-Rae said offering her her good hand. “Nice to meet you.”

“We don’t have to be friends,” Madeleine said. “You have a weird accent. Where are you from?”

“Llandudno, and what do you mean my accent’s weird?!” Hayleigh-Rae asked in anger. “At least I have a decent personality unlike you.”

Normally, Hayleigh-Rae would’ve turned a deaf ear, but today after breaking her arm she was in a pretty bad mood. Madeleine gasped and stormed off. “Man, beating her is going to be so sweet.” Hayleigh-Rae said in her mind.

They both went to the front of the hall where their coach was standing with the mayor. They exchanged a dirty look before facing the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to welcome you all to the grand final of the Surrey U15 chess championship.” The coach said. “This competition has been taking place every year for the last fifteen years, and every year more and more kids want to get involved. This year over 500 kids opted to compete, and these two young ladies have outlasted them all to reach this final.”

The coach then made a painfully long speech about the tournament. It was so painful that it made Hayleigh-Rae’s broken arm seem like a small poke.

“But enough with the introductions. Let’s get down to business. On white will be Hayleigh-Rae Roberts-Jones from Llandudno. On black will be the three-time and undefeated reigning county champion, Madeleine Morrison from Redhill. Girls, please take your seats.”

They both sat down. They then proceeded to shake hands before Hayleigh-Rae began the game.







Chapter 3




Hayleigh-Rae – Madeleine

1. d4 Nf6

2. c3 d5

3. Bg5 Nc6

4. Bxf6 exf6

5. Nf3 g6

6. e3 Bf5

7. Bb5 a6

8. Bxc6+ bxc6

9. O-O Rb8

10. b3 Qe7

11. Nh4 Be4

12. f3 Bxb1

13. Qxb1 Qxe3+

14. Kh1 Kd7

15. Qc1 Qxc1

16. Rfxc1 Ba3

17. Rc2 Rhe8

18. c4 c5

19. dxc5 d4

20. Rd2 Bxc5

21. f4 Re4

22. g3 Bb4

23. Rd3 c5

24. f5 Rbe8

25. Nf3 Re3

26. Rad1 Rxd3

27. Rxd3 Re3

28. Rxe3 dxe3

29. fxg6 fxg6

30. Kg2 g5

31. Ng1 Ke6

32. Kf3 Bd2

33. Ne2 h5

34. g4 hxg4+

35. Kxg4 Ke5

36. h4 gxh4

37. Kxh4 Bb4

38. Kg3 Ke4

39. Kg4 f5+

40.Kg5 Kf3

41. Nc1 e2

42. Nxe2 Kxe2

43. Kxf5 Bc3

44. Ke4 Bd4

45. Kd5 a5

46. Kc6 Kd3

47. Kb5 Kc3

48. Kxa5 Kb2

49. a4 Ka3

50. Kb5 Kxb3

51. a5 Kc2

52. a6 Kd3

53. a7 Ke4

54. a8=Q+ Kf4

55. Qf8+ Kg5

56. Qd8+ Kg6

57. Qb6+ Kf7

58. Qc7+ Kf6

59. Qd6+ Kf7

60. Kc6 Kg8

61. Qg6+ Kh8

62. Kd5 Bb2

63. Kxc5 Bc3

64. Kd5 Bb2

65. Ke6 Ba3

66. Kf7 Bb2

67. Qh6# 1-0

Hayleigh-Rae 1 – 0 Madeleine




Everybody clapped and cheered as Hayleigh-Rae’s arm was raised in victory. The mayor presented her with a trophy whilst the coach took a photo.

Hayleigh-Rae was over the moon. It had been her dream to win this competition since she was eight. She had never in a million years visioned herself winning. She could hardly believe it.

Neither could Madeleine, who was completely stunned and astonished. She couldn’t believe she had been beaten. As she watched Hayleigh-Rae lift the trophy, she could feel tears welling up inside her. She tried her best to restrain herself from crying, but unluckily for her, she couldn’t seal them away. Her emotions poured out like a gushing river as she stood and watched the presentation.



Chapter 4




Hayleigh-Rae was still in a happy mood when she got home. She gleefully strolled into the living room where her dad and sister Gwyneth were relaxing on the sofa and watching some TV.

“Hey guys, you are in the presence of the new Surrey U15 chess champion!”

Gwyneth paused the TV and looked at Hayleigh-Rae with shock. “No way?!” she said.

“Yes way Gwyn. Look.” Hayleigh-Rae responded, presenting the trophy.” Gwyneth almost fainted. “No way!” she exclaimed for a second time. “Congrats sis. What was the game like?”

“Thanks. It went something like this:”

1. d4 Nf6 2. c3 d5 3. Bg5 Nc6 4. Bxf6 exf6 5. Nf3 g6 6. e3 Bf5 7. Bb5 a6 8. Bxc6+ bxc6 9. O-O Rb8 10. b3 Qe7 11. Nh4 Be4 12. f3 Bxb1 13. Qxb1 Qxe3+ 14. Kh1 Kd7 15. Qc1 Qxc1 16. Rfxc1 Ba3 17. Rc2 Rhe8 18. c4 c5 19. dxc5 d4 20. Rd2 Bxc5 21. f4 Re4 22. g3 Bb4 23. Rd3 c5 24. f5 Rbe8 25. Nf3 Re3 26. Rad1 Rxd3 27. Rxd3 Re3 28. Rxe3 dxe3 29. fxg6 fxg6 30. Kg2 g5 31. Ng1 Ke6 32. Kf3 Bd2 33. Ne2 h5 34. g4 hxg4+ 35. Kxg4 Ke5 36. h4 gxh4 37. Kxh4 Bb4 38. Kg3 Ke4 39. Kg4 f5+ 40. Kg5 Kf3 41. Nc1 e2 42. Nxe2 Kxe2 43. Kxf5 Bc3 44. Ke4 Bd4 45. Kd5 a5 46. Kc6 Kd3 47. Kb5 Kc3 48. Kxa5 Kb2 49. a4 Ka3 50. Kb5 Kxb3 51. a5 Kc2 52. a6 Kd3 53. a7 Ke4 54. a8=Q+ Kf4 55. Qf8+ Kg5 56. Qd8+ Kg6 57. Qb6+ Kf7 58. Qc7+ Kf6 59. Qd6+ Kf7 60. Kc6 Kg8 61. Qg6+ Kh8 62. Kd5 Bb2 63. Kxc5 Bc3 64. Kd5 Bb2 65. Ke6 Ba3 66. Kf7 Bb2 67. Qh6#


“So, all in all, it was a close game, but I snuck a late advantage and sealed the win.” Hayleigh-Rae said.

“A very nice Indian game if you ask me. Very nice.” Gwyneth said. “Anyway, what happened to your arm. It’s all wrapped up in plaster, and why is it in a sling. Did you break it?”

“Yes Gwyn, I did break it.” Hayleigh-Rae sighed. “Unfortunately, mum made me do sports day because I don’t do anything for my house, even though I got voted as head girl, and look where that’s got me!”

“Well, I just wanted you to compete in something darling.” Her mum said. “You’d stand out if you didn’t.”

Hayleigh-Rae couldn’t believe her ears. “What do you mean I’d stand out. Look at me. I’m a small, antisocial, highly intelligent little ginger-haired nerd. People already make fun of me every second of every day. Competing at sports day and making a total fool of myself just made things ten times worse.”

“Well Hayleigh come on.” Her dad said. “Your mum didn’t know it would go wrong. She just wanted you to get involved. She was trying to help you.”

“Oh really?! In that case, thanks a lot mum. You’ve been a great help! I don’t know how to thank you!” Hayleigh-Rae yelled at her mum in the most sarcastic tone possible before storming up to her room and slamming her door.





Chapter 5




Around two hours elapsed before Hayleigh-Rae was ready to come out. She had spent most of that time sitting by her wardrobe crying her eyes out. Thanks to her mum, she had been made a laughingstock in front of the entire school. Not that she cared, but she knew no one would ever let her hear the end of this.

She sheepishly walked into the kitchen. “So, what’s for tea?” she asked.

“I ordered some pizza.” Her mum said. “Anyway, I just received an email from your coach.”

“Oh really. What did he say?” Hayleigh-Rae asked. “He sent his congratulations for your win. He also says he wants you to compete in a two-day tournament tomorrow.”

“Oh cool!” Hayleigh-Rae said with joy. “That’ll be fun. And about earlier, I just wanted to say I’m sorry. I don’t care about being humiliated. I was just in a pretty bad mood after breaking my arm.”

“That’s okay sweetie.” Her mum responded as Hayleigh-Rae walked into the hallway, where Gwyneth seemed to be waiting for her.

“So, we’re going to that one-day tournament?” she said. “Sounds fun. Do you want a game?”

“Sure,” Hayleigh-Rae responded.





Gwyneth vs Hayleigh-Rae

1. e4 e5

2. Qh5 Nc6

3. Bc4 Nh6

4. Qf3 Nd4

5. Qc3 Bb4

6. Bxf7+ Nxf7

7. Qd3 d6

8. c3 Bxc3

9. dxc3 Nc6

10. Nd2 Ne7

11. Nf1 d5

12. exd5 Qxd5

13. Qxd5 Nxd5

14. Ne3 Nxe3

15. Bxe3 Nd6

16. f3 Nc4

17. Bc5 b6

18. b3 Nb2

19. Ba3 Nd3+

20. Kd2 Nf4

21. Ne2 Nxg2

22. Rag1 Bh3

23. c4 g6

24. Bb2 O-O-O+

25. Kc1 Rhe8

26. Nc3 g5

27. Ne4 h6

28. Ba1 Rd3

29. Nf2 Rxf3

30. Nxh3 Nf4

31. Nxf4 gxf4

32. Re1 Re3

33. Rxe3 fxe3

34. Re1 Rf8

35. Bxe5 Rf3

36. Ba1 Kb7

37. Bg7 Kc6

38. Kc2 Rf2+

39. Kd3 Rxa2

40. h3 h5

41. Bd4 Ra3

42. Rb1 b5

43. cxb5+ Kxb5

44. Be5 a5

45. Bg7 a4

46. Rg1 Rxb3+

47. Bc3 a3

48. Rg5+ Kb6

49. Kc2 a2

50. Bd4+ Kc6

51. Kxb3 e2

52. Rg1 Kd5

53. Bb2 Ke4

54. Ba1 Kd3

55. Be5 Kd2

56. Bf4+ Kd3

57. Kxa2 c5

58. Kb2 c4

59. Be5 Kd2

60. Bf4+ Kd3

61. Be5 Ke3

62. Kc3 Kf2

63. Bd4+ Kf3

64. Ba7 h4

65. Bd4 Ke4

66. Rg4+ Kf3

67. Rg1 Kf4

68. Rg4+ Kf5

69. Kd2 c3+

70. Bxc3 e1=Q+

71. Kxe1 Ke6

72. Ke2 Kf5

73. Rc4 Kg5

74. Rg4+ Kh5

75. Rg1 Kh6

76. Ke3 Kh5

77. Kd2 Kh6

78. Kc2 Kh5

79. Kd2 Kh6

80. Kc2 Kh5

81. Be1 Kh6

82. Rg4 Kh5

83. Rg1 Kh6

84. Rg4 Kh5

85. Rxh4+ Kg5

86. Rg4+ Kf5

87. Kc1 Kf6

88. Bh4+ Kf5

89. Be1 Ke6

90. Rd4 Ke5

91. Rg4 Kf5

92. Bh4 Ke5

93. Be1 Kf5

94. Bh4 Ke6

95. Re4+ Kf5

96. Re2 Kf4

97. Kb2 Kf3

98. Rf2+ Ke3

99. Kc3 Ke4

100. Rf8 Ke5

101. Rd8 Kf4

102. Rd3 Kf5

103. Rd2 Kg6

104. Rd5 Kf7

105. Rf5+ Kg6

106. Ra5 Kf7

107. Rf5+ Ke6

108. Rf6+ Ke5

109. Bg5 Ke4

110. Rf7 Ke5

111. Re7+ Kf5

112. h4 Kg6

113. Ra7 Kh5

114. Ra4 Kg6

115. Ra6+ Kh5

116. Ra4 Kg6

117. Ra6+ Kh5

118. Bf6 Kg6

119. h5+ Kh6

120. Bh4+ Kxh5

121. Bd8 Kg4

122. Rg6+ Kf5

123. Rg7 Ke6

124. Kd4 Kd6

125. Bc7+ Kc6

126. Be5 Kb6

127. Rh7 Kc6

128. Rh6+ Kb5

129. Kd5 Kb4

130. Bd4 Kb5

131. Bc3 Ka4

132. Bd4 Kb5

133. Bc3 Ka4

134. Ra6+ Kb3

135. Be1 Kc2

136. Bf2 Kd3

137. Re6 Kd2

138. Be1+ Kd1

139. Bf2 Kc1

140. Be3+ Kd1

141. Bf4 Kc2

142. Kc5 Kd3

143. Rd6+ Ke4

144. Bc1 Kf3

145. Rf6+ Ke4

146. Rf4+ Ke5

147. Rb4 Ke6

148. Rb6+ Ke5

149. Rb3 Ke4

150. Re3+ Kf4

151. Re1+ Kf3

152. Re5 Kg4

153. Rg5+ Kf3

154. Kd5 Ke2

155. Rf5 Kd3

156. Rf3+ Ke2

157. Rf5 Kd3

158. Rf2 Kc3

159. Rf3+ Kb4

160. Ba3+ Ka5

161. Bb4+ Kxb4

162. Rh3 Kb5

163. Rb3+ Ka4

164. Rg3 Kb5

165. Rb3+ Ka5

166. Re3 Ka6

167. Re6+ Ka7

168. Rg6 Ka8

169. Rg8+ Kb7

170. Rd8 Kc7

171. Ra8 Kb7

172. Ra2 Kb6

173. Rc2 Kb5

174. Rb2+ Ka5

175. Rb3 Ka6

176. Ra3+ Kb5

177. Ra2 Kb6

178. Rc2 Kb5

179. Rg2 Ka5

180. Rb2 Ka4

181. Kc6 Ka5

182. Kd5 Ka4

183. Kc6Ka3

184. Rd2 Ka4

185. Rd1 Ka5

186. Ra1+ Kb4

187. Ra7 Kb3

188. Rb7+ Ka4

189. Rb6 Ka5

190. Kb7 Ka4

191. Kc6 Ka5

192. Kb7 Ka4

193. Ra6+ Kb5

194. Ra3 Kb4

195. Ra6 Kb5

196. Ra3 Kb4

197. Rh3 Ka5

198. Rf3 Kb5

199. Rb3+ Ka4

200. Rg3 Ka5

201. Rg4 Kb5

202. Rh4 Ka5

203. Rg4 Kb5

204. Rh4 Kc5

205. Rh5+ Kd6

206. Ka7 Ke6

207. Kb6 Kf6

208. Ka5 Kg6

209. Rh4 Kg5

210. Rh8 Kg6

211. Rb8 Kf6


Gwyneth ½ – ½ Hayleigh-Rae


“211 moves,” Hayleigh-Rae said slightly surprised. “That’s almost a world record. You couldn’t seem to put me away there Gwyn. What happened?”

“I don’t know,” Gwyneth responded. I guess I just wasn’t sure how.”

“Well next time, if you’re in that situation, instead of playing all those checks, focus on promoting your pawn, allowing you to get your queen back and then driving me into checkmate.”

“Ok. Thanks.”

“Or if you don’t have a pawn, focus on restricting my movements and then you should be able to corner me.”









Chapter 6




That morning Hayleigh-Rae woke up at 6:00 AM to analyse her chess game with Gwyneth more thoroughly. Upon a closer inspection, she identified that she had made exactly 39 blunders, and missed an opportunity to take the win. Not that she cared too much though. After all, what’s done is done, and she was quite pleased that Gwyneth had put up such a good fight.

At about 7:45, her mum walked into her room, expecting her to be asleep, but to her surprise, Hayleigh-Rae was wide awake.

“Hayleigh, how long have you been awake?”

“About an hour and 45 minutes.” She responded. “Why do you ask?”

“What have you been doing?” her mum asked. “Could you not sleep?”

“Oh no, I slept like a log,” Hayleigh-Rae said. “I was just analysing this game I had last night with Gwyn. We almost broke a world record!”

“Well good for you.” Her mum responded. “Now get ready, we’re going in 30 minutes.”

Hayleigh-Rae then put on some decent clothing, did her hair, and went downstairs for breakfast.

Shortly after, Gwyneth emerged. “Morning Hayleigh.” She said.

“Morning Gwyn. Hey Gwyn, I was just analysing that game we had yesterday. I could have easily squashed you in that game, but I ended up making about 39 wrong moves and I even missed an opportunity to win.”

“You mean you tried to let me win?”

“What? No. Why would I let you win? That would be unsatisfying for you. I just wasn’t playing at my best.

“Oh right,” Gwyneth said.

“Are you girls ready?” their mum asked as she walked in.

“I don’t know about Gwyn but I’m ready.”

“Then let’s go.”

They then got into their mum’s car and made their way to the venue, which happened to be Hayleigh-Rae’s school. They walked in and were led to a room with other competitors. One of those competitors happened to be Madeleine Morrison, and to say she was angry would be the biggest understatement of the century.

“Why are you here Harleigh-Rae?” she asked with frustration. “And who’s that.”

“Firstly, my name is Hayleigh-Rae, not Harleigh-Rae. Secondly, that’s my sister Gwyn. Thirdly, I’m here because I like to play chess. And even if I lose today, I’m going to use it as a learning curve and I’m not going to be a bad sport and cry till I make the River Severn burst its banks.”

“You’re so mean.” Madeleine said walking off.

Gwyneth looked at Hayleigh-Rae with the biggest look of shock. “Wow. What a spoiled, egotistical little girl.” She said. “Beating her must have been so satisfying.”

“Trust me Gwyn, it was.” Hayleigh-Rae replied. “And it’s going to even better to beat her again.”

A bell then sounded for them to go to the hall for the first round. Hayleigh-Rae walked into the room, found her seat, and sat herself down. A few moments later, a boy around her age appeared and sat down opposite her.

“Hi. I’m Jack.” He said.

Hayleigh-Rae waved.

“What’s your name?”

Hayleigh-Rae pointed to the label.

“Hayleigh-Rae.” He read. “That’s a cool name. Is your arm broken?”

Hayleigh-Rae nodded.

“You aren’t much of a talker are you?”

“No, I guess not.” Hayleigh-Rae giggled.

A buzzer then sounded to signal the start of the first round:


Jack – Hayleigh-Rae 

1. e4 e5

2. Qh5 Nc6

3. Bb5 Nh6

4. Nf3 g6

5. Qg5 Qxg5

6. Nxg5 Nd4

7. Bd3 d6

8. c3 Ne6

9. f3 Nxg5

10. Bb5+ c6

11. d4 exd4

12. Bxg5 cxb5

13. Bf6 Rg8

14. Na3 dxc3

15. Bxc3 a6

16. Nc2 Be6

17. O-O O-O-O

18. Bf6 Rd7

19. Ne3 Be7

20. Nd5 Re8

21. Nxe7+ Kb8

22. Nd5 Bxd5

23. b3 Be6

24. Rab1 Ng8

25. Ba1 Rc7

26. Rbd1 Rd7

27. Bc3 d5

28. Be5+ Ka7

29. Bd4+ b6

30. g3 dxe4

31. Bc3 Rxd1

32. Rxd1 exf3

33. Kf2 Bg4

34. Re1 Rxe1

35. Bxe1 Ne7

36. Bc3 Nd5

37. Bd2 a5

38. h3 Bxh3

39. a4 bxa4

40. bxa4 f5

41. Be1 Bg4

42. Bd2 h5

43. Be1 f4

44. gxf4 Nxf4

45. Bd2 Nd3+

46. Kg1 f2+

47. Kg2 h4

48. Bg5 h3+

49. Kf1 h2

50. Kg2 Nf4+

51. Bxf4 f1=Q+

52. Kxf1 h1=Q+

53.Kf2 Qf3+

54. Kg1 Qxf4

55. Kg2 Qe4+

56. Kg3 Qxa4

 57. Kh2 b5

58. Kg1 b4

59. Kf1 b3

60. Kf2 b2

61. Kg3 b1=Q

62. Kh4 Bd7+

63. Kg5 Qf5+ 64.

Kh6 Qh4+

65. Kg7 g5

66.Kg8 g4

67. Kg7 g3

68. Kg8 g2

69. Kg7 g1=Q# 0-1

Jack 0 – 1 Hayleigh-Rae


“Wow,” Jack said in amazement. “You’re really good Hayleigh!”

“It’s Hayleigh-Rae, not Hayleigh. Only my family calls me Hayleigh.”

“Oh. Sorry.”











Chapter 7




Hayleigh-Rae then went back to the room, pulled out a book and got stuck in. She sat and read for about 15 minutes before Gwyneth appeared and interrupted her.

“Hayleigh,” Gwyneth said softly.

“Yes, Gwyn.” Hayleigh-Rae said looking up, noticing that Gwyneth seemed to be on the verge of tears “Are you okay Gwyn, only you look like you’re on the verge of tears. Did you lose?”

“Oh no. I won. I just wanted to know if you brought some chewing gum.”

“And you needed the long face to ask for chewing gum?”

“Well, I’m sorry if you felt manipulated.”

The coach then came in and made an announcement.

“So everybody. All the maths has been done, and the interim results are as follows:


“Oh!” Gwyneth said in shock. “I’m at the top of the table.”

“Because your name is alphabetically before mine Gwyn.” Hayleigh-Rae pointed out. “It’s still all to play for.”

“Fair enough,” Gwyneth said.

The bell then sounded to go to the hall for the second round. Hayleigh-Rae found her seat and sat down.

Shortly after, a girl sat down opposite her.

“Hi,” Hayleigh-Rae said smiling.

“Hello.” The girl said. “Are you Hayleigh-Rae?”

Hayleigh-Rae nodded.

“Well hi, Hayleigh-Rae. I’m Rhea. I heard you won the Surrey championship.”

“Yes, I did.”

“Well, it looks like I’m about to have a good game.”




Hayleigh-Rae – Rhea     

1. d4 d5

2. e4 dxe4

3. Nc3 Nf6

4. f3 Bf5

5. fxe4 Bxe4

6. Bg5 Nc6

7. Bxf6 gxf6

8.Nxe4 Qxd4

9. Nc3 Rd8

10. Qxd4 Rxd4

11. Bd3 Nb4

12. O-O-O Nxd3+

13. Rxd3 Bh6+

14. Kb1 Rxd3

15. cxd3 Rg8

16. g3 a6

17. Nf3 Be3

18. Nd5 Bg5

19. Nxc7+ Kd7

20. Nd5 e6

21. Nb6+ Kc7

22. Nc4 Rd8

23. Nxg5 fxg5

24. Rd1 b5

25. Ne5 f6

26. Nf7 Rd7

27. Nh6 a5

28. Ng4 Rd4

29. Nxf6 Kb6

30. Nxh7 Kb7

31. Nxg5 Rd5

32. Nxe6 Re5

33. Nd8+ Kc7

34. Nf7 Re2

35. Rc1+ Kb6

36. Nd6 a4

37. Nc8+ Kb7

38. Nd6+ Kb6

39. g4 Rxh2 40. g5 Rg2

41. Ne4 a3

42. bxa3 Kb7

43. d4 Rg4

44. Re1 Rh4

45. d5 Rg4

46. d6 Kc8

47. d7+ Kd8

48. Nf6 Rd4

49. Re8+ Kc7

50. d8=Q+ Rxd8

51. Rxd8 Kxd8

52. Nd5 Kd7

53. Nc3 Kc6

54. a4 b4

55. Nb5 Kd5

56. g6 Ke6

57. a5 Kf6

58. a6 b3

59. axb3 Kxg6

60. a7 Kf5

61. a8=Q Kg5

62. Nd4 Kf6

63. b4 Kg5

64. b5 Kg4

65. b6 Kh5

66. b7 Kg6

67. b8=Q Kf6

68. Qa6+ Kg5

69. Qbb5+ Kf4

70. Ne6+ Ke4

71. Qaa4+ Kf3

72. Qbb3+ Kf2

73. Qaa2+ Ke1

74. Qe3+ Kd1

75. Qg1#

Hayleigh-Rae 1 – 0 Rhea

“Well, I see why you’re the champion,” Rhea said. “I rather enjoyed that.”

“Thank you, Rhea. I did too” Hayleigh-Rae.





Chapter 8




Hayleigh-Rae then got up, went back to the room, picked up her lunchbox, and carried on with her book.

She read for about half an hour before Madeleine interrupted her.

“So Hayleigh, how are things going for you?”

“My name is Hayleigh-Rae. And if you are interested, I’ve got two wins out of two. How about you honey?”

“A win and a draw, and don’t call me Honey.”

“Well don’t call me Hayleigh.”

Madeleine walked away, and Hayleigh-Rae carried on reading.

The coach then appeared to announce the interim results:



“Fancy that.” Hayleigh-Rae thought to herself. “Gwyn’s at the top. She’s doing pretty well.”

The bell then sounded for the third round.

Hayleigh-Rae found her seat and sat down.

Shortly afterwards, Joseph arrived and the third round got underway.




Joseph – Hayleigh-Rae 

1. e4 e5

2. Qh5 Qf6

3. g4 Bc5

4. d4 Bxd4

5. Nh3 g6

6. Qg5 Qxg5

7. Nxg5 Nh6

8. Nxh7 Rxh7

9. Bxh6 Rxh6

10. g5 Rh5

11. c3 Bc5

12. Nd2 Rxg5

13. Bh3 Nc6

14. f4 exf4

15. b4 Be3

16. Nc4 d5

17. Nxe3 fxe3

18. Bxc8 Rxc8

19. Ke2 dxe4

20. Rag1 Rxg1

21. Rxg1 Ne5

22. Rf1 Ng4

23. h3 Nh2

24. Rh1 Nf3

25. Rd1 Rd8

26. Rxd8+ Kxd8

27. a4 b6

28. b5 c5

29. bxc6 Kc7

30. Kxe3 Ng5

31. Kf4 Nxh3+

32. Kxe4 g5

33. Kf5 Kxc6

34. Kf6 g4

35. a5 Ng5

36. axb6 axb6

37. Kf5 g3

38. Kf6 g2

39. c4 g1=Q

40. c5 bxc5

41. Kg7 c4

42. Kh6 c3

43. Kg7 c2

44. Kf6 c1=Q

45. Ke7 Qce3+

46. Kf6 Qgf2+

47. Kg7 Ne6+

48. Kh7 Qh4+

49. Kg8 f5

50. Kf7 f4

51. Kg8 f3

52. Kf7 f2

53. Kg8 f1=N

54. Kf7 Ng5+

55. Kf6 Ng3

56. Kg7 Nf5+

57. Kg6 Qef4

58. Kf6 Nh7+

59. Kf7 Nd6+

60. Kg7 Ne8+

61. Kg6 Nf8#

Joseph 0 – 1 Hayleigh-Rae







Chapter 9




Joseph shook Hayleigh-Rae’s hand before they return to the room. Hayleigh-Rae picked up her book and carried on reading. She was just about to finish when her coach announced the interim results.

“Wow!” Hayleigh-Rae said. “Gwyn’s unstoppable.”

“You think so Hayleigh,” Gwyneth asked.

“Yeah, you’re doing well.”

“Thank you.”

The bell then sounded for the final round. Hayleigh-Rae sat down, and Gwyneth sat down opposite her.

“Wait, I’m playing you Gwyn?”

“Yeah,” Gwyneth responded. “I’m looking forward to this.”

“I guess I am too,” Hayleigh-Rae said. “Just don’t hold back. Ok?”


Hayleigh-Rae – Gwyneth

1. e4 e5

2. Nf3 Nc6

3. Nc3 Nf6

4. Bb5 d6

5. d3 Bd7

6. Bg5 a6

7. Bxc6 bxc6

8. Qd2 h6

9. Bxf6 Qxf6

10. O-O O-O-O

11. d4 exd4

12. Qxd4 Qxd4

13. Nxd4 c5

14. Nb3 Kb8

15. Rad1 Re8

16. f3 Be7

17. Nd5 Bb5

18. Rfe1 Bf6

19. Nxf6 gxf6

20. c3 Kb7

21. Na5+ Kb6

22. b4 cxb4

23. cxb4 Rc8

24. Rc1 c5

25. Nc4+ Bxc4

26. Rxc4 Kb5

27. Rec1 Rc6

28. bxc5 Rxc5

29. a4+ Kc6

30. Rxc5+ dxc5

31. f4 Re8

32. Re1 f5

33. e5 c4

34. Rd1 c3

35. Rc1 Re6

36. Rxc3+ Kd5

37. Rd3+ Ke4

38. Rd6 Kxf4

39. Rxe6 fxe6

40. Kf2 Ke4

41. Kg3 Kxe5

42. Kf3 Kd4

43. g4 a5

44. gxf5 exf5

45. Kf4 Kc4

46. Kxf5 Kb4

47. Ke4 Kxa4

48. Kd3 Kb3

49. Kd2 a4

50. Kc1 Kc3

51. Kb1 Kb3

52. Ka1 a3

53. h3 a2

54. h4 Ka3

55. h5 Kb4

56. Kb2 Kc5

57. Kxa2 Kc4

58. Kb2 Kd3

59. Kb3 Kd4

60. Kc2 Ke3

61. Kc3 Kf4

62. Kd4 Kg4

63. Ke5 Kg5

64. Ke4 Kg4

65. Ke3 Kg5

66. Kf3 Kf5

67. Kg3 Kg5

68. Kh3 Kf5

69. Kh4 Kf4

70. Kh3 Kf5

71. Kh4 Kf4

72. Kh3 Kf3

73. Kh4 Ke4

74. Kg4 Ke5

75. Kh4 Ke4

76. Kg4 Ke5

77. Kh3 Kf4

78. Kh4 Kf3

79. Kh3 Kf4

80. Kh4 Kf3

81. Kh3 Ke3

82. Kg4 Ke4

83. Kg3 Ke3

84. Kg4 Ke4

85. Kh4 Kd3

86. Kg4 Ke4

Hayleigh-Rae ½ – ½ Gwyneth


Hayleigh-Rae raised her hand.

“Mr Jeffery, we drew.” She said.

“Well, that’s half a point to each of you then.”

“But we’re both tied sir.” Gwyneth said. If we draw here then there won’t be a clear cut winner.”                                                                                                                                                                                                       

“Right. Well reset this board and play again.”

“Ok.” They both said simultaneously.





Gwyneth – Hayleigh-Rae

1. e4 e345

2. Nf3 Nf6

3. Nc3 Nc6

4. Bb5 Bb4

5. O-O O-O

6. Bxc6 dxc6

7. a3 Bxc3

8. dxc3 Qe7

9. Qe2 Rd8

10. Bg5 Bg4

11. Bxf6 gxf6

12. Rfd1 Kg7

13. Rxd8 Rxd8

14. Rd1 h5

15. Rxd8 Qxd8

16. h3 Bxf3

17. Qxf3 Qd2

18. Qxh5 Qc1+

19. Kh2 Qf4+

20. g3 Qxf2+

21. Kh1 Qxg3

22. a4 Qe1+

23. Kg2 Qxe4+

24. Kf2 Qxc2+

25. Ke3 Qxb2

26. Qg4+ Kf8

27. Qc8+ Ke7

28. Qxc7+ Ke6

29. Qc8+ Kd5

30. Qd7+ Kc4

31. Qxf7+ Kxc3

32. Qxf6 Kb3

33. Qf7+ Ka3

34. Qe7+ Kxa4

35. Qh4+ Qb4

36. Qf6 Qf4+

37. Qxf4+ exf4+

38. Kxf4 b5

39. Ke3 a5

40. h4 b4

41. Kd2 Kb5

42. h5 a4

43. h6 b3

44. Kc1 a3

45. Kb1 a2+

46. Kb2 Kc4

47. h7 Kb4

48. h8=Q a1=Q+

49. Kxa1 c5

50. Qh4+ c4

51. Kb2 Kb5

52. Kc3 Kb6

53. Qxc4 b2

54. Kxb2 Ka7

55. Kb3 Kb7

56. Kb4 Ka8

57. Kb5 Kb7

58. Qc6+ Kb8

59. Qb6+ Kc8

60. Qa7 Kd8

61. Kc6 Ke8

62. Kd6 Kf8

63. Ke6 Kg8

64. Kf6 Kf8

65. Qe7+ Kg8

66. Qf7+ Kh8

67. Qg7#

Gwyneth 1 – 0 Hayleigh-Rae


 Gwyneth could not believe it. For the first time, she had beaten Hayleigh-Rae and won the tournament at the same time. She wanted to sing and dance.

She and Hayleigh-Rae shook hands before heading back to the room to wait for the presentation. Hayleigh-Rae grabbed her book and carried on reading. Thankfully, this time she was able to finish it, and just in time for the presentation.

Gwyneth went up to receive her prize as everyone applauded. Gwyn was so happy to have won, but Hayleigh was even happier. She was so pleased Gwyneth finally got her moment at the top (for now at least).

As they rode home, Hayleigh-Rae leaned over towards Gwyneth and said “You know Gwyn. I’ve learned something about you today. I might be just like the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, but you are just like the orangutan. People think you aren’t worth much because you look inferior, but you’re much smarter than you look and people live to regret their assumption.”

Gwyneth smiled. “Thanks Hayleigh.” She said.










“So what book were you reading anyway,” Gwyneth asked as they walked into their house.

“Lord of the Flies.”

“There is no way you read that cover to cover in a day.”

“Well there’s no way you beat me in a game of chess and won the whole tournament Gwynn, but I guess some unlikely things can happen from time to time.”

“Yeah well, that win was a massive fluke,” Gwyn said. “You deserve this trophy more than I do.”

“No honey, you beat me fair and square,” Hayleigh-Rae told her. “Why don’t we play one last time, and then we’ll see who the better player is for today.

“Okay then.”


Gwyneth – Hayleigh-Rae

1. e4 e5

2. Nf3 Nc6

3. Bc4 Bc5

4. b4 Bxb4

5. c3 Bc5

6. O-O d6

7. d4 exd4

8. cxd4 Bb4

9. Ng5 Nh6

10. a3 Ba5

11. Be3 Bg4

12. Bxf7+ Nxf7

13. Qxg4 Nxg5

14. Bxg5 Ne7

15. Bd2 Bxd2

16. Nxd2 O-O

17. Qe6+ Kh8

18. Rab1 b6

19. Qc4 Ng6

20. Rbc1 Nf4

21. Nf3 Qe7

22. d5 Ng6

23. Qxc7 Qxc7

24. Rxc7 Rfc8

25. Rd7 Rd8

26. Rc7 Ne5

27. Nxe5 dxe5

28. f4 exf4

29. Rxf4 Rf8

30. Rxf8+ Rxf8

31. d6 b5

32. d7 h6

33. Rc8 Rxc8

34. dxc8=Q+ Kh7

35. Qf5+ g6

36. Qf7+ Kh8

37. Qxg6 a5

38. Qxh6+ Kg8

39. Qg5+ Kf7

40. Qxb5 Ke6

41. Qf5+ Kd6

42. Qd5+ Ke7

43. Qxa5 Kd6

44. h4 Kc6

45. g4 Kd6

46. Qd5+ Ke7

47. a4 Kf6

48. e5+ Kg6

49. Qg8+ Kh6

50. Qg5+ Kh7

51. e6 Kh8

52. e7 Kh7

53. Qf5+ Kg8

54. e8=Q+ Kg7

55. Qef8#

Gwyneth 1 – 0 Hayleigh-Rae

“There. You see Gwyn.” Hayleigh-Rae said. “You are the better chess player. Now be happy that you won and don’t doubt yourself.”

“I will.” Gwyneth responded.



The end


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