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The Bad Guy’s Side

By @Nanashi

Chapter 2

Okay, here’s what happened. What got all of this nonsense started. I was walking by a building while this girl was getting killed. Like the stupid person I was, I tried to get the guy to stop stabbing her. Will I regret that decision for the rest of my life? Probably. So anyway, I told this guy to stop, and he turned on me.

“This ain’t your girlfriend! This ain’t no one’s girlfriend! She’s dyin’ and you ain’t gonna be doin’ nuthin’ ’bout it!” He had a crazed look in his eyes, and all I could think about was the dying girl behind him, and how I couldn’t do anything about her, and how I was such a fool to get tangled in that situation, and how his eyes, his psychotic eyes will haunt this poor girl for eternity, in her death, and how they will never let me forget them, will haunt me for my entire life and all of my death.

He attacked me, and next thing I know, he’s on his side with the knife he was just using jutting out of his head. I realized what happened, and covered my mouth with my hand in surprise, fighting tears. I had just killed this man. It wasn’t your fault, I tried to convince myself. He attacked and you defended yourself. He deserved it. But my stomach wasn’t easily convinced, and neither was my mind.

“I JUST KILLED SOMEONE!” I screamed, then threw up. All over the girl, and the man. Adrenaline is still in my veins by the time I was done “hiding the bodies”, in other words, spilling everything I’ve ever eaten on these two people, so I start running. I run all the way home, past it, where my sister was surely waiting for me inside, worrying endlessly. I instinctively ran to my high school, a habit after years of being late for class. I ran to the back of the school, curl up in a ball, and start sobbing. Like, really ugly crying. My hoodie’s sleeves were drenched by the time I was done crying, and my sister had tracked me down by that time, too.

“Hey, what’s wrong, Dillan?” She asks. We have the same black hair and high cheekbones, but Nallie’s hair’s straighter than mine, and her eyes are brown, where as mine are almost black.

I get up, and adrenaline is again flowing through my veins. “GET AWAY FROM ME!” I screamed, not just at her, but at the entire world. Nallie cocked her head to the side, furrowing her brow in worry.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone else,” I say, and continue backing away, knowing Nallie can’t possibly know what I mean by that.

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