The Atrocious Immoralities of Avis Papley

By @brynnecaela

The Atrocious Immoralities of Avis Papley

By @brynnecaela

[I’m currently working on this novel, way ahead of these chapters.] Avis Papley is a young woman graced with special abilities who has to navigate life in Europe during the Caroline era, with witch trials, religious and political conflict,

Chapter 7

Chapter V

12 years later (January 27, 1626)

Avis devised an extremely simple escape plan. She was confident it would end in her freedom.

She executed her plan at supper. Every orphan of every age was devouring their bland meals. Smiling and laughing, the orphans were so focused on their conversations that no movements would distract them. The advisors were all muttering to each other behind a closed door. The perfect moment for her great escape.

She found her bag and put her few belongings inside, including a few handfuls of shillings she had earned from chores around the orphanage. She placed the strap around her neck and untucked her dress. Walking to the door, she limited her movement, just in case someone’s eyes wandered.

She paused to savor the moment with her hand on the silver doorknob. Through the window were people wandering the streets, free. She longed to join them. Finally, her first step of freedom from the orphanage. Pushing the door open, she sprinted out of the door, cheeks sore from beaming. Behind her, confused orphanage workers watched her, some trying to follow but stopping short. She bounded down the dirt road until her legs ached from running. Avis was free.

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