The Atrocious Immoralities of Avis Papley

By @brynnecaela

The Atrocious Immoralities of Avis Papley

By @brynnecaela

[I’m currently working on this novel, way ahead of these chapters.] Avis Papley is a young woman graced with special abilities who has to navigate life in Europe during the Caroline era, with witch trials, religious and political conflict,

Chapter 5

Chapter III

Avis was extraordinarily smart. Having no education, she learned through others. As she began to experiment with her abilities, she would listen for something interesting to hear and focus in on that person’s thoughts. She had heard the thoughts of adults nearby, helping her to learn new words and broaden her vocabulary. She heard the variety of voices in people’s heads, telling them to do things. Strange accents and mother languages.

However, her practice grew difficult. She would stare at an object for a second too long and it would shake, fall to the floor, or levitate, only for it to fall back down again frustratingly. Many glasses were shattered during this time. Of course, she practiced when nobody was around.

This would be her little secret for as long as she could muster.

One stormy night, she lay sleepless in her cot. Although her brain was mostly filled with excitement for her newfound talents, she couldn’t help but wonder:

Who was Avis? Why did she have these abilities? What was expected of her?

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