The Annoyance of Indecision Series I. ~ baking & cigarettes

By @Claira_Sienna
The Annoyance of Indecision Series I. ~ baking & cigarettes

Lucy is a twenty-six-year-old poetry major living with her boyfriend Charles in Essex, UK. She has been with him for over a year, and their schedules are so busy they are starting to barely see each other. Lucy works at a retirement home in her spare time teaching a class on painting. And one day after her shift, she meets the son of one of her favorite retirees; Davy. Davy makes a deal with her that if she teaches him poetry; he'll teach her piano. With Lucy unaware of what will ensue.

Chapter 1

Coming Soon

COMING SOON – – – The Annoyance of Indecision Series is a series I am working on that will be three parts long. Starting with baking & cigarettes as the first installment. There will be a tad bit of poetry so I will be dabbling a bit out of my comfort zone. I hope you all enjoy the first chapter will be up August 10th so stay tuned! (Date may be shifted because I am still editing CHEEKBONES and Annalise, so I will post updates here if the date changes.) I love you all, thank you for reading! <3 – – – COMING SOON

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