The Adventures of Curly Carl: the Black Hole

By @Bibliocryptic
The Adventures of Curly Carl: the Black Hole

11-year-old Carl is a personified noodle that was enjoying his afternoon when, suddenly, a black hole sucked up his mother and sister. Carl learns that family comes first and one other thing - no one is safe.

Chapter 1

The Journey Begins

“STOP.” yelled Carl’s mother who was certifiably as angry as a goat on fire “YOU’RE GOING TO GET HURT”

“Don’t worry, Mom,” said Carl “I’m a personified spaghetti noodle. If I went through a black hole, I would come out the other side and meet the aliens. If I could go through a black hole, I can obviously fly.”

“You’ve broken every law in the universe, but you can’t break the laws of physics,” said Caroline, Carl’s nerdy sister.

“Uhhhh – I already have. Do I have to explain the whole black hole thing again, NERD,” said Carl.

“MOMMY” exclaimed Caroline, who was still only a five-year-old – a five-year-old in high school.

“Hey, guess what, Carl,” said Carl’s mother.


“No, you’re grounded.”


Suddenly, a black hole appeared and Caroline was sucked in with her mother.

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