The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

Jax, a normal teenager turned superhero fighting for the people and the girl he cares about... He met her in the alleyway in the future, not realizing that he is not in his hometown anymore

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: A love is born

Chapter 4 pg. 1:

  1. Action: Establishing shot of the future. Flying cars, and lots of broken buildings are everywhere. It’s dark out, possibly night time.

    Dialogue: SFX: Cars zooming around, electricity cracking through the air. 

  1. Action: A portal opens in the sky.

Dialogue: SFX: “WOOON.”

  1. Action: Jax falls from the portal screaming madly.

Dialogue: Jax: “AAAAAAAHHHHH!”

  1. Action: Jax unceremoniously lands in a dumpster.

Dialogue: SFX: “FWUMP!”

  1. Action: A slim silhouette (who is really Erica) is standing in the alley

Dialogue: Girl: “Who’s there?!”

  1. Action: The young girl approaches the dumpster.

Dialogue: Jax: “I’m alive…”

  1. Action: Jax climbs out from the dumpster.

Dialogue: “Oh, Um… I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to wake you…”

  1. Action: A lightning bolt suddenly goes from Jax to Erica.

Dialogue: Girl: “… I don’t have any money so…”

  1. Action: Jax reaches out his hand to greet Erica… 

Dialogue: Girl: “What are you doing?!

  1. Action: Jax looks at his hand dumbfounded.

Dialogue: Jax: “I just wanted to… I mean.”

  1. An Alarm sound surrounds them. Action: Jax is looking up at the sky, and Erica is looking curiously at Jax.

Dialogue: Girl: “They found us!”

  1. Action: Erica suddenly grabs Jax’s hand.

Dialogue: Girl: “We can’t stay here!”

Chapter 4 pg. 2:

2.  Dialogue: Erica: “What are you looking at?” Action: Erica is looking concerned.

3.  Dialogue: Jax: “I can hear Aliens talking… Sounds like they are plotting something.” Action: Jax is still looking up, squinting his eyes.

4. Dialogue: Erica: “They have been trying to destroy the world.”

Action: Erica looks sad. Jax is shocked to hear that.

5. Dialogue: Jax: “I knew I came here for a reason. Back where I come from I have many friends…”

6. Dialogue: Erica: “Don’t say that word!”

Action: Erica slams Jax against a wall, and has her hands on his chest.

Chapter 4 pg. 3:

  1. Dialogue: Jax: “Huh?! What word?”

Action: Erica grabs Jax’s arm and pulls him away into an alleyway.

  1. Dialogue: Erica: “That WORD you just said. It’s forbidden.”

Jax looks confused, but keeps listening. 

  1. Dialogue: Erica: We’re not allowed to show any signs of friendship. Friendship is punishable by death.” Action: Jax is looking worried for Erica. 
  2. Dialogue: Erica: “Here, take this.” 

Action: Erica hands Jax the secret society of friendship” pin.

  1. Dialogue: Erica: “Meet me at midnight under that movie theatre sign.” 

Dialogue: Erica: “That’s the entrance…”

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