The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

The Adventure of Jax

By @pcoolio12

Jax, a normal teenager turned superhero fighting for the people and the girl he cares about... He met her in the alleyway in the future, not realizing that he is not in his hometown anymore

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Meeting with the Mentor: Flashback Sequence

Jax learns how to use his powers through his connection and communication with God (voice from the sky, who is his father.) He’s always heard it, and believes it is god. God speaks to him (telepathically, but Jax believes it is God.) He leads him to his new home by showing him the sign of the house for sale, and Jax sleeps there. When Jax opens his eyes the next morning alone he is convinced that it was God. 

Jax’s mom (and dad,) left him at the factory and left to go to another city with better prospects (but later get kidnapped by the aliens.) But Jax is actually not from earth, and is born in a different realm. Jax was raised by himself, his books, and enjoys helping people, and is an upstanding citizen, but really has some issues (abandonment and deep sorrow.) 

God tells Jax how to use his powers. He has known this voice ever since he was discovered at the factory, that God is always watching over him. But sometimes Jax feels like he has a purpose, that God is holding out on him.

Crossing the Threshold:

One day Jax is on his way home from school and hears something crackling nearby. He jumps back after realizing it’s a portal. He is worried, and then hears Erica’s voice who reassures him that it’s ok. Jax is still hesitant but eventually steps through the portal. After Jax emerges in the 2nd Earth (which is no longer round, it’s now a cylinder connecting a box.) Jax sees how bad the earth of the future really is. He is overwhelmed and saddened by the sight of so many broken buildings and destruction. Jax then meets Erica.

Action: Jax is walking through town on the sidewalk, towards the park. He sees a sign that says, park with an arrow pointing in another direction.

Action: Jax watches kids playing soccer in the park. Old lady feeding the birds. Drawing: kids and dogs are playing in the background. 

Action: Jax is bent over, asking the kids if he can join. 

Dialogue: Jax: “Can I play too?”

Action: The 2 kids look at each other. The one with the ball looks offended. 

Dialogue: Kid: “No.”

Action: Jax walks away, looking more distressed. 

Action: Jax slouches against a tree, puts his hand on his head.

Action: Jax’s phone starts ringing in his pocket.

 Dialogue: BZZZZZ! BZZZZZ!

Action: Jax reaches inside his pocket to get his phone.

Action: Jax puts the phone to his ear.

Dialogue: Jax: “Hello? Who is this?”

Action: Jax is concerned by the strange unknown caller.

Dialogue: God: “That doesn’t matter right now?”

Page 2:

  1. Action: Jax moves a bit away from leaning against the tree.

Dialogue: Unknown: “The future needs you.”

  1. Action: Jax is getting a bit angry. 

Dialogue: Jax: “I think you have the wrong number.”

  1. Action: Suddenly a portal opens up behind Jax in the tree.

Dialogue: Unknown: “…This is Jax, is it not?”

  1. Action: A dog is barking off screen. Jax looks startled, and a tries to move away from the dog barking. 

Dialogue: A Dog is barking loudly.

Jax: “How do you know my name?”

Action: Suddenly a hand comes from within the portal and grabs Jax’s arm. 

Dialogue: Jax: “Whaah?!”

Action: Jax drops his phone as he is pulled through the portal. 

Dialogue: SFK: “ZIIIIP” 

Action: Jax is pulled through a portal at rapid speeds.


Action: Show establishing shot of the future. Flying cars, and lots of broken buildings are everywhere. It’s dark out, possibly night time.

Dialogue: SFX: Cars zooming around, electricity cracking through the air. 

Action: A portal opens in the sky.

Dialogue: SFX: “WOOON.”

Action: Jax falls from the portal screaming madly.

Dialogue: Jax: “AAAAAAAHHHHHH!”

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