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The 34th Hunger Games

By @GuineaPigWriter13

The Fallen

The anthem continues to play as faces spear in the sky. The boy from District 1; both from 3; the female tribute from 6; both from 10 and 12. 8 dead, 16 left. I breathe a sigh of relief. Josef is still alive! Thank god.

I’m not going to try and find him, in case he doesn’t want to be found, but I just know he’ll be looking for me. I just hope he doesn’t get killed in the process.


Another hour passes. Callie is sleeping soundly behind me, but I’m wide awake.


The sound of a cannon jolts me awake. Callie is also sitting up. I shouldn’t have fallen asleep.

I look at Callie. “That sounded very close, don’t you think?”

We immediately roll up the sleeping bag, and stuff it in to my pack. We crawl out from under the roots, then stand up and begin to run in the opposite direction to where the cannon came from. Just like yesterday, when someone was chasing us, there is thankfully little snow on the ground. We run as fast as possible without making any noise, which is actually unbearably slow, and we don’t look back.

Keep running Willow. Don’t stop.


I can’t see Callie. Where is she? “Callie!” I hiss.

“Over hear.” The whisper comes from behind me. I turn, to find someone slamming into me. They’ve got a knife in their hand. And it’s not Callie. He’s got me pinned down, and it’s all I can do to keep the knife away from me. I shove him off me, then stand up. I grab my axe, which was hanging loosely beside me.

He comes charging after me again, but this time I am ready. I bring my axe up, and, like I expected, he brings his knife to meet it. He’s left himself defenceless. I punch him in the stomach as hard as I can. He doubles over in pain, and I bring the axe down on him.

I shut my eyes when I hear a crunching sound, followed by a cannon.

Deep breaths Willow, deep breaths.

Callie. Where is she? Did he kill her?


“Over here Willow.” Her voice sounds faint and strained. I follow the direction of her voice, and find her lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

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