The 1st of January

By @Clockworkfeather15
The 1st of January

Every one thousand years four of the Zodiac signs that Zeus placed in the sky give their powers to four mortal humans. These powers are a life changer for Lissie, Mea, Kit and Nickolas, join them and their many adventures and watch them realise that life has a whole new meaning.

Chapter 1

-C h a p t e r O n e-

  POV Lissie

It was the eve of December the 31st, half an hour till the first of January. Lissie Evonne Jones was sitting in the living room of her best friend Tina’s house. There were five other girls in the room other than herself, Tina the host, Daisy one of her own friends she had invited, Nadia another friend of herself and Tina, Evie a friend of Tina’s who personally she didn’t like, and Hayley a rich snooty girl who had come up with the idea of the sleepover in the first place.

At the moment the girls were sprawled out in the middle of the living room floor lying on a pile of brightly coloured fluffy cushions and blankets. The Television, long since abandoned was playing some sort of soppy romance that the girls had quickly gotten bored of, and now they were gathered around Hayley’s brand new iPhone 8 that she’d been boasting about the last three days, but it wasn’t the new pink phone with the glittery cover that the girls were so interested in, it was what the screen of the phone showed.

Hayley was showing all the girls a horrible note someone had written about her. 

The note included a quite number of inappropriate words, but Lissie felt guilty because although Hayley had given her an old lacy red skirt that was as good as new, she agreed with the letter wholeheartedly.

The other girls looked disgustedly at the picture of the note, and Evie swore that when she found out who had written it she would teach them a lesson that they’d never forget.

Meanwhile, Hayley told them her suspicions about who it was; “It was probably June because yesterday I saw her in town, and I said that her makeup looked like her 5-year-old brother had done it,” Hayley said a look of sorrow plastered across her face.

But Lissie no sooner thought that June had written the note, then she thought that Hayley would realise that her makeup looked like her little sister Rose, had done it for her.

“By the way Lissie since you’re the so-called fashion expert, what do think of my outfit today? It took me hours this morning, isn’t it gorgeous!” Hayley said suddenly, she stood up posing, with hands on hips.

Lissie looked at it, she was wearing a tight baby blue tank top and a pair of tight lacy blue denim shorts with white lace tights underneath. Personally, Lissie thought that it was slightly over the top with the blue and lace, which clashed horribly with her bright flaming red hair. 

The short’s would have looked better a bit looser and the neckline of her top needn’t have been so low. It looked like it had taken her five minutes to get it together, surely not two hours!

“It’s nice Hayley,” she said choosing her words carefully.

“I know right?” Hayley said smiling and sat back down on the floor, picking up her phone, possessively.

“At least some people here have a good fashion taste!” she said winking at Lissie and Lissie smiled back friendly.


It was twenty minutes till the first of January, New Year’s day, or morning, and the weather was anything but cheery, the rain was lashing down onto Kit’s wet hair creating tiny rivulets of water running down his face.

His shirt clung to his chest and his runners were heavy with water, that seemed to weigh down his feet so that it became harder to lift up his feet each time. The puddles splashed up and he ran through them not slowing though his muscles ached.

His head spun as he ran, not from dehydration he was always careful to bring water with him, but from the many thoughts that swirled around his head rather like some sort of whirlpool.

His father was out somewhere, he didn’t quite know where, but he didn’t care. Calum his brother was at some party at a friends house and his sister Katy was at her Mum’s house.

He hadn’t enjoyed the thought of staying at home watching tv till two in the morning hoping that Dad would suddenly walk into the living room and announce that he’d cancelled the visit to his friends and then they’d enjoy the evening together watching tv and talking, but that never happened.

So he had decided that he’d rather go for a run in the rain than be disappointed again. 

Though the weather reminded him horribly about how he felt.

He wasn’t too sure how long he’d been running, but he knew exactly where he was. 

Chest heaving he paused wiping his sopping auburn wet hair out of his face, though it really made no difference, and leant against a grey brick wall. He glanced at his clock, 15 minutes to eleven.

A quarter of an hour till it was the New Year. A new beginning, though no matter how many New Year’s had passed everything stayed exactly the same. No new beginning, just another false hope, and what was to say that this one would be no different?

He coughed loudly and then wiping his hair or rather the water out of his face, and began running again.


The sky Mea decided was the most beautiful thing she had ever and will ever see in her life.

It was night time and the sky was light up with thousands, millions actually and probably more, stars, that Mea usually wouldn’t have been able to see in the city.

And it was only because her mother had decided to take her and her brother and sisters for a holiday in Ireland when Mea fully realised how much she’d missed the place.

Now the was sitting outside wrapped up in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate nestled between her hands. Her brother and sisters were about two meters away arguing about who got to look in the telescope. Her mother was talking to them, her blonde hair blowing slightly in the soft but cold breeze.

She took a sip from the steaming cup and looked up at the stars, she could see Pegasus and Pisces and thought she could just about make out Aries. Of course, it helps when your mother is an Astrologer.

The house that they were staying in was just about in sight behind her, the warm lights glowing brightly.

She was already loathing the New Year, going back to school, boring teachers, annoying people, and worst of all no time to read!

Just thinking about it made her slump back against the stone bench and scowl. Why couldn’t her Mum and Dad stop arguing, and take her out of school and she could stay here in Ireland forever and have as much time as she wanted to play the piano.

‘You wish’ she muttered to herself.

“Hey honey are you alright?” her mother said sitting down on the bench beside her.

“Yea,” she said smiling fondly at her mother and taking another sip of hot chocolate.

“Why don’t you come over and have a look in the telescope, you never do it now, not anymore since secondary school,” her mother said looking sad.

“I’m happy over here Mum,” Mea said, “but thanks,” looking over at her younger siblings as Melissa yelled out just as Harley fell and knocked over the telescope.

Her Mum, eyes widening quickly got up and ran over to them gently picking it up. 

Mea looked away and instead chose to gulp down her hot chocolate quickly in one gulp and then placed the cup on the stone bench where her Mum had been sitting.

Then she yelled over to her Mum “Mum I’m going to go inside to get my other coat,” but her Mum didn’t hear her.

Picking the blanket in a bundle so it wouldn’t drag in the wet grass she ran inside.

POV Nickolas

The first thing Nick had noticed when he’d come there was that the noise was deafening, and twenty minutes later nothing had changed. In fact, he could barely hear his friend, Isaac, even if he yelled.

It was four minutes till midnight, or in other words the start of the new year. The new start that everyone here was waiting for. He glanced around at all the happy families and he couldn’t help but smile, and once he started he couldn’t stop.

“What are you smiling about,” he could just about make out as Isaac yelled in his ear.

And he just smiled and grinned in reply, the timer on the huge screen in front of everyone showed112 seconds till midnight.

Suddenly a young girl bumped into him, with quick reflexes he quickly caught her around her waist steadying her.

She turned around and smiled gratefully, Nick’s first immediate thought was she really was very pretty. “Thanks,” she said gratefully, though he could only just make out her voice above the crowd.

He was about said ‘you’re welcome’ when she suddenly vanished in the crowd, and no matter how hard he looked for the rest of the evening he couldn’t find her.

Shaking his head from the thoughts of the pretty girl, he noticed a chanting growing louder and louder 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, completely forgetting about the girl, he smiled looking over at Isaac who was yelling at the top of his voice 14, 13, 12, practically jumping at each number 11, 10, he joined in as well 9, 8 , 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,….1! There was a Roar louder than anything Nick had ever heard in his life. The fireworks burst an array of red and orange sparks spread across the sky. Everyone was hugging their friends and family everywhere. 

Why couldn’t life be like this all the time? Nick thought.

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