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That One Summer

By @ThatHopefulAuthor7


I fell onto my bed, 3 days left. Three tiny days until it was summer. But not just a normal summer, a new one. My dad was taking me (and my new step family) to Virginia Beach for one summer. One summer, 3 months, and thousands of new beginnings. Weeks of not being known as “the divorced parents girl” but as somebody, something. But since we have three days left, here’s 3 things about me:

1: I hate pools, oceans? Fine! But pools? Nope, no way whatsoever

2: my dad go married 3 weeks ago to molly Marie Jones, and now I have 4 siblings: Jack, Karie, Laura, and Daniel(Laura and Daniel are twins)

3: my dog JJ is my bestest friend. Ever.

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