That Night

By @PsychoMadwomen12046

That Night

By @PsychoMadwomen12046

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

 I walked into the classroom looking around to see who all was in the room. I knew 6 out of the 10 people in the room. There was John, Eric, Harley, Ivy, Alice and Edward all of which were sitting in the back left corner. Edward looked up smiling at me beckoning me over. As I walked over to him I saw a boy with blonde shoulder length hair, green eyes with a scar just below his right eye. As I walked past him he stiffen looking up at me. It one of those moments in your life when you know nothing will ever be the same again. I quickly looked down knowing I had messed up like I always did even though I didn’t know how I messed up but I know I did somehow. I sat down next to Edward trying to control the unnerving feelings that was stirred.

 Edward turned to me and asked, “So what do you think of Belzer?”

   “How would I know I just got here and this is college prep or whatever you want to call it,” I replied with a small look at the boy who was sitting in the table in front of us.

  “Ok then How do you think of Belzer so far,” he asked.

     “Again just got here and by the looks of it I’m going to hate this place,” I said as I look around at all the **** on the walls.

      The boy I had notice when I first entered the classroom had moved to the table in front of us sitting in the sit across from me with his back turned. He was cute I had to confess to myself no one else.

    “Ok fine be that why. How was your summer then and you can’t tell me you just got there,”he said annoyed.

  “It was fine,”I said happy that I had ****** him off. Edward was my ex who had cheated on me 3 times, 2 times with the same girl. He thought I wouldn’t figure him out. He still says he didn’t which make me hate his guts. Even after he cheated on me and I made him pay for it he still wanted me to take him back. As if I would want to take him back after what he did. I would go out with John or Eric or maybe that boy over there before I take him back. Edward had brown hair, brown eyes and a average built.

    John had blond hair, green eyes, and a better built then any boy I’ve met except that boy over there he totally had a better built. Alice has dirty blond hair, baby blue eyes, and could dance like no other. Eric has red hair, cut grass green eyes, and a smile that will make your day. Harley has blond curly hair, blue and gray eyes, and could make you walk off a cliff using only her voice. Ivy had bright red hair, blue eyes, and could ruin your life if you messed with her or her friends. Ivy and Eric was siblings which wasn’t hard to believe since the red hair although Eric’s hair was darker than Ivy’s. I met Ivy and Eric when we were put together to work on a project which made us find out that we had a lot of things in common. I met Alice in kindergarten and we became fast friends when she throw a block at someone and made both of us laugh. I think that I’ve been bad all my life I just now accepted it.I met John when he started dating Alice a year ago. John and Alice are still dating to this day. I met Harley through Eric who is Harley’s boyfriend.

   I met Edward in 4th grade when we had been in the same class and sat at the same table. Eight months later round the last month of school he asked me to go out with him and I said yes. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time I think I was drunk or my good side made me stupid. Round the 11th month anniversary he had his teacher come over to my room and give me a red box and inside was a flower in a glass box that said I love you. At the time he gave me that box we were in 5th grade and wasn’t in the same class. The first time he cheated on me was on Valentine’s day I was sitting behind him and I guess he didn’t know I was. So I heard him asked the girl next to him if she would go out with him. I couldn’t hear anymore so I got slammed my chair in and walked away. When he heard my slammed my chair in he turned around. He even had the nerve to call my name and go after me. I went over to Alice and was talking to me when he came over after telling that girl that he would be back. He tried to talk to me and I wouldn’t talk to him. Finally he told me it was a prank and that he would never cheat on me after he had cornered me. So I told him ok but I could hit him once. He agreed and I punch him in the nuts.

     So at lunch I was talking to Alice about what had happened. Then Alice went to the restrooms and I heard him ask that girl to if she was going to ask his question. I was so mad I got up told him we were breaking up and to go where the sun don’t shine. Two years later I had though he had matured and asked him if we could get back together and he said yes. I don’t know why he had said yes since he was dating a girl named Lily. I never broke with and he never broke up with so the following school year I found out he was dating Lily. So I went up to him while he was sitting next to Lily told him to go where the sun don’t shine and that I was breaking up with him. He chased me down and asked me what I was talking about. So I had to tell him about what happened last year and he told me he had forgot about me. I slapped him and to this day I hate him.

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